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On-Campus Dining at Aquinas College

Aquinas College Alcohol Policy

Aquinas College does not hold a state liquor license.
If you wish to serve alcoholic beverages at your event the following procedures must be followed:

  1. A Licensed Alcohol Service Provider must be hired to deliver, set up, serve, and clean up all alcohol and alcohol related materials. The Licensed Alcohol Service Provider must provide Aquinas College Conferencing with a copy of their current SDM license & certificate of liability insurance reflecting Aquinas College as additional insured on a primary non-contributory basis including waiver of subrogation for the general liability & liquor liability.  The certificate of insurance must specify the Alcohol Service Provider’s liquor liability limits of coverage and verification of workers compensation insurance.
  2. Aquinas College has a “no shot” policy wherein the consumption of shots of alcoholic beverages is prohibited. 
  3. No drop offs are allowed. Alcohol may not be brought in or taken out of the facility (this includes alcohol as a gift).
  4. Alcohol is to be served only by the licensed service contracted for providing the alcohol for the event.  No outside bartenders are allowed. Valid picture ID is required for service of alcohol to any guest. 
  5. Aquinas College reserves the right to refuse entry should any attendee arrive intoxicated or in possession of alcohol not purchased through the approved alcohol vendor. 
  6. Aquinas College reserves the right to close a bar if policies are violated.
  7. The Licensed Alcohol Service Provider must arrive no less than one hour prior to the start of the event and must stay to the duration of the event. Bar service must conclude by 11:00 pm, the campus closes at 12:00 midnight.
  8. All alcohol and bar related items must be provided by the bartending service (i.e. glasses, pitchers, napkins, corkscrews, ice, etc.)
  9. Aquinas College requires the following minimum ratio for bartenders:       
    1. 1 - 100 guests: 1 bartender 
    2. 101 - 250 guests: 2 bartenders
    3. 250 - 350 guests: 3 bartenders
    4. 350 - 450 guests: 4 bartenders

(Aquinas recommends 1 bartender per 75 guests if you are serving specialty beverages or using glassware- you can determine this w/ your service provider)

Aquinas College requires all events with alcohol to be accompanied by catering.

The food service arrangements must consist of a complete meal choice appropriate to the rental time, i.e., breakfast, lunch, dinner or comparable hors d'oeuvres. 

Special License Requirements:

Organizations will need to obtain a temporary day license from the MLCC for direct drink ticket sales, if a client is “selling” tickets at a fee to event attendees and serving alcohol at the event. Please note, even if the intention of the tickets sold to event attendee is not to cover the cost of alcohol the MLCC assumes that it does.

The preferred Alcohol Service Providers at Aquinas do have a liquor license, the type of license that they carry (along with all other beverage catering companies) does not cover the “re-sale” of beverages to event attendees. An SDD (specialty designated distributor) & SDM (specialty designated merchant) beverage catering license covers the following:

Allows the sale and delivery of beer, wine and spirits in the original sealed container to private events at locations other than the licensed premises, and requires the permit holder to serve beer, wine, and spirits at the private event where the alcoholic liquor is not resold to guests. The person delivering the alcohol under a catering permit would have to verify that the person accepting delivery was at least 21. A person serving alcohol must successfully complete a MLCC-approved server training program.