Meet Our EXCEL Mentors

student headshot Name: Roxana Mena
Class Standing: Junior
Major: Business Administration/ Translation and Interpretation (Spanish) 
Hometown: San Salvador, El Salvador 
Aquinas Clubs/Organizations: CAVA Coordinator
Interesting Fact: I Love to do outdoor activities like kayaking and exploring nature. Fluent in Spanish and English. 
Why I want to be a Peer Mentor: Being from another country, starting college in the US was a scary experience. The transition to college is difficult. At Aquinas I found a helping and welcoming environment. I want to help new students have a successful transition into this new life like I did. 
Favorite memory at Aquinas: Refresh Yourself is my favorite event on campus. There were several different things going on at that event and I got to meet a ton of new people. It’s one of those events that brings the AQ community together and that’s why it’s one of my favorite memories.

student headshot Name: Marielena Huerta
Class Standing: Senior
Major: Translation/Interpretation and Community Leadership
Hometown: Lynwood, California 
Aquinas Clubs/Organizations: L@SA, V.I.B.E
Interesting Fact: I love to travel. I’m fluent in Spanish and English and currently learning Arabic.    
Why I want to be a Peer Mentor: I love helping others, and I want to make their transition into college easier so that they can enjoy the college experience as much as I have.
Favorite memory at Aquinas: When I went to the CDI retreat.

student headshot Name: Martina Devetak
Class Standing: Sophomore 
Major: Business Administration/Sports Management 
Hometown: Lviv,Ukraine 
Aquinas Clubs/Organizations: Member of AQ Women tennis team; Student Assistant in CDI; Barista in the Moose Cafe; Vocationer
Interesting Fact: I have 3 native languages 
Why I want to be a Peer Mentor: One of my biggest values is to help people. I believe that being a mentor would help me to achieve one of my biggest values
Favorite memory at Aquinas: When I got a position of an RA

student headshot Name: Alyssa Noch
Class Standing: Sophomore
Major: Writing 
Minor: History
Hometown: Milford, MI
Aquinas Clubs/Organizations: History Club, Writers Guild 
Interesting Fact: I like to listen to a lot of foreign music.
Why I want to be a Peer Mentor: I want to help incoming students make friends and get involved with campus life. Transitioning from high school to college can be scary. I want to make sure they do not feel alone and help them get through any stressful or frustrating situation they may encounter. 
Favorite memory at Aquinas: Going to the AQ Lip Sync Battle with my friends and hanging out there, dancing and having fun.

student headshot Name: Klarie Ojenus
Class Standing: Junior
Major: Elementary Education
Hometown: Kentwood, MI
Aquinas Clubs/Organizations: President of Education Club, Orientation Leader, Vice President of Habitat for Humanity, member of Swingin’ Saints, and campus ministry student assistant
Interesting Fact: My favorite place to get food is at Panera
Why I want to be a Peer Mentor: I want to be able to be someone’s support system and make sure that they don’t feel alone when transitioning to a college setting.
Favorite memory at Aquinas: Having the opportunity to go to New Orleans over Spring Break!

student headshot Name: Yesenia Bernal 
Class Standing: Sophomore 
Major: Community Leadership 
Hometown: Grand Rapids, MI
Aquinas Clubs/Organizations: LASA, and the Spanish Club
Interesting Fact: I found my dog, Pancho, at Burger King 
Why I want to be a Peer Mentor: I want everyone at Aquinas to feel welcomed and cared for. I also want to make sure incoming students get the resources they need to be successful. 
Favorite memory at Aquinas: LASA’s Latin Fest. It was the first event I helped put on. It was fun and I got to bound with a lot of people.

student headshot Name: Assad Wilson
Class Standing: Senior
Major: Businesses Administration with a Concentration in Marketing 
Hometown: South Haven
Aquinas Clubs/Organizations: Track & Field, Graphic Designer for AQPB  
Interesting Fact: Can make backwards trick shots from the 3-point line and half court. 
Why I want to be a Peer Mentor: To help incoming and current students strive to become better. This is my opportunity to give back to the AQ community. 
Favorite memory at Aquinas: Meeting my friend’s freshman year and continuing the friendships till this day.

student headshot Name: Danielle Smith
Class Standing: Senior 
Major: Psychology 
Hometown: Muskegon, MI
Aquinas Clubs/Organizations: President of V.I.B.E and member of L@SA 
Interesting Fact: I love doing hair, but I really love to dye people’s hair! 
Why I want to be a Peer Mentor: I wanted to be a peer mentor because I know how hard it is to transit from being at home to going somewhere far from home. It's hard to adapt to college without having your parents around. I want to show incoming students that you can do it and those hard days don't last long.
Favorite Memory: Favorite memory at Aquinas is spending time with my friends. All we do is laugh and make new memories.

student headshot Name: Mallory Corbin
Class Standing: Junior
Major: Art History and English
Hometown: Grosse Pointe, MI
Aquinas Clubs/Organizations: Art club
Interesting Fact: I love fashion, my dream is to one day work in the fashion industry. 
Why I want to be a Peer Mentor: College can be scary, I want everyone to feel as welcomed and cared for as I did starting out at AQ. Aquinas is a big family. We have to take care of each other.
Favorite Memory: Setting off tea candles on Wege pond on the last night of orientation is a memory I hold close to my heart.

student headshot Name: Daryl Esese
Class Standing: Junior 
Major:  Nursing 
Hometown: Comstock Park, MI
Aquinas Clubs/Organizations: Nurse's Christian Fellowship, Swingin’ Saints
Interesting Facts: I am a writer, I love to write!
Why I want to be a Peer Mentor: I know what the transition from high school to college is like and I know it can be super tough. So, I want to make the transition easier for first year students. 
Favorite Memory at Aquinas:  My favorite memories are the ones where I spent all day with my friends!