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Multicultural Resources

Latin Student Association: The Purpose of the Latin@ Student Association (L@SA) shall be to educate individuals in and outside of the Aquinas Campus about the Latino culture, help Latino students find their voice within the AQ community and beyond, mentor Latino youth, and promote and participate in community service throughout campus and the Grand Rapids community.

AQ Pride: AQ Pride is a club that strives to be a safe and inclusive space as an on-campus social group for LGBT+ students. We focus on education, outreach, and community service within both the Aquinas and greater Grand Rapids communities to create a comfortable environment in which people can relate to one another in a judgment-free zone.

Voices Inspiring Black Students Everywhere: VIBE strives to provide a place for students to come together and serve as a voice for the African American community on campus. Through programming and other educational opportunities, students will be given a safe place to voice their concerns and learn about resources to enhance their experience here at Aquinas.

Japanese Culture Club: We strive to provide opportunities for students to learn about Japanese culture. We invite students to join our events such as club retreats, Christmas Gathering, and Hinamatsuri (Japanese Girl's Day) Bookmark making. At many of these events, students can try Japanese food or learn more about Japanese customs.

Women Empower: Women Empower (WE) works to give women of color from every background a platform and space to express their opinions, form leadership skills, inform the surrounding community about their lived experiences, and work to create allies among the Aquinas community.

Men of Inclusion: Men of Inclusion is a brotherhood of diverse Aquinas men. Together we advise and support each other, building strong values and accountability to serve as leaders on campus and in our communities.

Celebrating Our Human Differences: The purpose of The CoHD is to bring others together in celebration of the diversity presented at Aquinas. We aim to be the thread through which students can feel connected despite their differences. We hope to include education, conversation, and acceptance into our events in order to facilitate a sense of unity within our community.

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