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    Irish Dance Club

Irish Dance Club

Experienced Irish dancers can continue competing in Irish dance:
  • Dance scholarships available
  • Certified Irish Dance Coach
  • Opportunity to study in Ireland
  • Minor in Irish Studies
  • Workshops available for students new to Irish dance

For more information email

Coach: Liz Heinzman, T.C.R.G.

  • Began dancing at 3 with Breda McGowan, Ron Plummer & June Butler.
  • Danced competitively until the age of 14, reached the Open Championship level, placed 3rd at the North American Championships, and 2nd at the Mid-West Regionals.
  • Co-founder of the Ardan Academy with 24-years of teaching experience.

Phone: (616) 632-1044
Office: 001 St. Joseph Hall

Are you a trained Irish dancer and interested in joining the Aquinas Irish Dance Club? Fill out the following questionnaire for your chance to receive a special talents scholarship:

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Who can join the Irish Dance Club?
Any student who knows how to Irish dance or learns to through our courses and workshops.

Are there scholarship opportunities for Irish dancers at Aquinas College?
Yes, Aquinas offers several annual special talent scholarships for trained Irish dancers to join our club team.

What sort of time commitment can I expect if I join the club? 
Dancers are expected to attend regular practices and participate in several competitions and performances throughout the academic calendar year. A 5-hour commitment per week on average. Travel will be required for performances and competitions.

What other Irish dance opportunities will be available at Aquinas?
The club will offer workshops for non-experienced students and college employees who would like to see what Irish dance is all about.  There will also be special courses offered for credit.

dance floor with mirrors

Where will practices, courses and workshops be held?
There is a new dance space in lower St. Joseph Hall. All instruction will take place there unless otherwise specified.

Does the club require dance experience to participate in workshops or courses?
No experience necessary, just a lot of energy and a fun attitude!

What do I wear?
Wear comfortable workout clothing (t-shirt and shorts or leggings). Wear ghillies, jazz shoes, or ballet slippers if you own them. If not, please bring a dry pair of sneakers or just wear athletic socks.

What other resources does Aquinas have for students interested in traditional Irish life?