Residence Life at Aquinas College

On-Campus Housing

Aquinas College offers a variety of housing options to meet each students’ needs. Below you’ll find information about the amenities and special features of our different living communities. Want to see more? Check out the Aquinas Virtual Tour.

Traditional Residence Halls

The traditional residence halls at Aquinas College offer fantastic community building opportunities through educational and social programming, an abundance of lounge and community spaces, and staff support close by to assist traditionally first and second year students in their transition to life at Aquinas. 

St. Joseph the Worker Hall and Regina Hall

Regina building

St. Joseph the Worker Hall (known around campus as St. Joes) and Regina Hall are our primary traditional residence halls, housing approximately 500 mostly first and second year students. Each building is coed, with single sex floors. Both Regina and St. Joes are staffed by a full-time professional Area Coordinator and team of Resident Assistants, with one to two Resident Assistants per floor to assist in building a positive and engaging community. 

Regina game area


Each floor in St. Joes and Regina Hall has its own lounge space with furniture and laundry facilities, which are perfect for small study groups or floor game nights. St. Joes and Regina Hall both feature a small main floor computer lab, snack and beverage vending machines, and an expansive main floor lounge spaces with ping pong and pool tables, flat screen TVs for watching your favorite shows or gaming, comfortable furniture and a fireplace, as well as views of the beautifully wooded Aquinas campus. Regina Hall also features a fitness center in the basement, including cardio machines, located next to an outdoor four hoop basketball court and beach volleyball pit.

Both St. Joes and Regina Hall feature a 24-hour front desk to assist students with any needs. Front Desk services include: 

  • Printing services
  • Mailboxes for all building residents’ incoming mail
  • Distribution of toilet paper
  • Guest and visitor sign-in
  • Gaming equipment checkout
  • Vacuum cleaner checkout

Most rooms in St. Joes and Regina Hall are suite-style, with two double occupancy bedrooms connected by a shared bathroom. Each shared bathroom includes two sinks with built in storage, towel racks, shower, and a toilet with stall. 

All rooms are fully carpeted and including wireless Internet access and Cable TV. Each bedroom includes:

  • Two Twin XL beds and mattresses
  • Two desks with lighted book shelves
  • Two desk chairs
  • Two stackable book shelves
  • Two three-drawer dressers
  • Two wardrobes
  • One window with vertical blinds

Hruby Hall

Hruby hall

Hruby Hall is a coed residence hall that houses 70 mostly second and third year students. Unlike St. Joes and Regina, Hruby Hall is set up so each resident has their own bedroom with shared community bathrooms. Each floor in Hruby features it own furnished lounge space with laundry facilities. All floors in Hruby Hall are staffed by a Resident Assistant, who is available to assist students with any needs they may have. 


Dominican Hall

Dominican hall

Dominican Hall is a coed residence hall, housing approximately 60 mostly second year students. Each single sex wing in Dominican Hall features four three-four person rooms, two shared community bathrooms, and a lounge space with flat-screen TV, lounge furniture, and a small kitchenette. The first floor also features a main lounge with a pool table and beverage vending machine. Laundry facilities for the building are located in the basement. Each floor in Dominican Hall is staffed by a Resident Assistant, who is available to assist students with any needs they may have.


Theme Houses

LLC houseThe Theme Houses at Aquinas College offer primarily second year students the opportunity to experience independent living in the comfort of a house on campus. Each Living Themed House features its own programmatic theme, proposed and executed by house residents each year. Examples of themes, which generally focus on a Dominican Pillar or academic area of study. Houses are staffed by a team of Resident Assistants, as well as a full-time professional Area Coordinator to help students meet their house programming goals, as well as assist students with any personal, academic, or developmental needs. 

Each house has a fully furnished kitchen, living room, dining room, and bedrooms, as well as a basement with storage and laundry facilities. Each house has swipe card access, and locks on individual bedroom doors. Houses can accommodate 8 to 14 residents, in single sex houses. Themed Houses include Woodcock Hall, Knape Hall, Meijer Hall, and Sister Mildred Hawkins Hall.

On-Campus Apartments

Apartment EThe apartment communities at Aquinas College offer upperclass students the opportunity to experience apartment living, offering the additional privacy and independence of living off campus, with the convenience of living on campus. The apartment community is comprised of five coed buildings: Ruth Rasmus Eberhard Hall, Father Bartolome de las Casas Hall, St. Catherine of Siena Hall, St. Martin de Porres Hall, and St. Rose of Lima Hall. The on-campus apartment community is staffed by a full-time professional Area Coordinator and a team of Resident Assistants, with one to two Residents Assistants per building. 

Ruth Rasmus Eberhard Hall, Father Bartolome de las Casas Hall, and St. Catherine of Siena Hall all have the same floor plan, with shared bedrooms accommodating two or four residents in each apartment. Apartments also include a shared bathroom, fully-furnished kitchen, and dining and living room space. Apartment building bedroom

St. Martin de Porres Hall and St. Rose of Lima Hall offer each resident a private bedroom, in two or four person apartments. Each apartment features one or two shared bathrooms, as well as fully-furnished kitchen and common areas within each apartment. Both St. Rose of Lima and St. Martin de Porres Hall feature lounge and large study room spaces with whiteboards, projectors and TVs, perfect for study groups, watching movies, or potluck dinners. Additionally, each building features elevator access to each floor and community laundry facilities. 

Each apartment features:

  • Fully carpeted living and bedrooms
  • Large windows with window treatments
  • Sofa, lounge chairs and coffee table
  • Electric range oven
  • Full size dishwasher
  • 18.0 cubic foot refrigerator
  • Breakfast counter with stools or dining table with chairs
  • Wireless Internet
  • Cable TV

Each resident will have:

  • Twin XL bed and mattress
  • Desk
  • Desk Chair
  • Bookshelf
  • Three drawer dresser or modular drawer units