Behavioral Assessment and Intervention Team

Students can become distressed during their college career.  It is a normal part of development.  


To access if there is imminent danger to the community.

Our Aquinas professionals are available to assist students.  Our professionals provide confidential assistance unless required by law or professional ethics to take action to protect the individual or others from serious or foreseeable harm or imminent danger. If there is serious or foreseeable harm or imminent danger to the individual or others, professional ethics and legal responsibilities require steps be taken to protect the individuals involved. 

Threat Assessment

The consequences of distress are often first noticed by faculty and staff as they are played out in our classrooms, residence halls, and offices. College employees are in good positions to recognize students in need and may be able to help them regain the emotional balance needed to cope.

This team is chaired by the Dean of Students and includes the Directors of Campus Safety and Counseling Health and Wellness or their designee.  Other professional members may be brought in depending on the nature of the threat. In some extreme cases, the BAIT team may be convened to address immediate safety concerns. 


If you have a student that is exhibiting concerning behavior, please contact the Dean of Student’s office.