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Student Senate at Aquinas College

About Student Senate

Our student government restructured in 2012 creating the Senate and RSO Assembly. Senate is comprised of the Executive Committee (Chair, Vice-Chair, and Secretary) that are elected in late February/early March, appointed Budget Director and Academic Affairs Director, and five senators per class held in a separate election. First year students are elected during a special election in September of each year. The Senate meets twice a month in an open session where Dr. Olivarez and Dean Matzke present updates to the student representatives. Senators hold office hours in the interim and work in committee on special projects. The Commuter Committee and Traffic Board are regular committees as well as Budget and the Research and Retention Committee. A focus on sustainability efforts continues for this governance group. While the Senate is a registered student organization, it is a governance group with different oversight.
RSO Assembly is chaired by the Vice-Chair and meets on the off-week from a Senate meeting. Representatives from RSO’s receiving Senate funding are required to attend. The meetings are comprised of various leadership development activities and collaborative event planning. The RSO Assembly hears budget concerns over $1,000 from the budget committee in order to offer a larger student voice to funding decisions.
Students are encouraged to reach out to the Senate regarding any concerns or overall campus needs.
Please review the bylaws below on how to become active in the Student Senate. We have committee and cabinet opportunities as well as Executive Board positions that provide leadership for campus. Whether you were involved in a previous governing council or would like to explore your leadership options at Aquinas, we are eager for your voice and your ideas. Please e-mail us at senate@aquinas.edu for more information and to introduce yourself.

>Student Senate Bylaws