Master of Management at Aquinas College

Master of Management: Degree Requirements

The Master of Management is comprised of thirteen courses, totaling 39-credits. Courses are 8-weeks in duration and are offered in 5-sessions per year, including Fall (2 Quads), Spring (2 Quads), and a summer semester. Courses meet once per week in the evening from 6-10 p.m., while a few are offered in an online or hybrid format. Students can complete the program in as little as 18-months if a full-time student, or take up to 7-years.

All students must complete the 27-credit CORE curriculum, as well as select either a dedicated 12-credit concentration or 12-credits in electives. 

CORE CURRICULUM (27-credits)
MG500 The Global Economy  
MG510 Research, Analytics & Decision Making  
MG520 Organizational Behavior & Culture  
MG530 Marketing Management  
MG540 Organizational Theory & Design  
MG570 Ethics & Social Responsibility of Management  
MG580 Managing Financial Decisions  
MG648 Leadership Development & Performance  
MG695 Strategic Management & Innovation (Germany Study Abroad available in ‘20)  

Students may select from one of the following 12-credit concentrations, or any four of the following elective courses 

MG685 Integrated Marketing Communications  
MG687 Global Marketing  
MG689 Consumer Behavior  
MG690 Marketing Strategy  

MG638 Negotiating & Conflict Management* 
MG646 Group Dynamics  
MG649 Organizational Development & Change  
MG694 Managing 21st Century Organizations

MG671 Industrial Ecology  
MG672 Sustainable Business Management
MG673 Building Social Capital  
MG610 Sustainable Innovations Lab