Master of Management at Aquinas College

Master of Management: Courses

MG 500 (Required Course)
The Global Economy
This is a course in Managerial Economics, which focuses primarily on the microeconomic environment in which a manager must operate. Besides understanding how market structures affect firm performance, the course explores the use of economic concepts as managerial tools.

MG 510 (Required Course)
Research, Analytics & Decision Making
A conceptual presentation of descriptive and inferential statistics and their use in decision making. The course involves research design, planning and evaluation research, problem selection, proposal writing and presentation, and research report writing and evaluation. [This course should be taken within the first nine (9) credit hours of the program.]

MG 520 (Required Course)
Organizational Behavior & Culture

Individual factors affecting human behavior in organizations are explored in this course. Theoretical concepts which provide the foundation for the study of organizational behavior are examined together with an emphasis on leadership, team development, motivation, and communication. Application of these concepts to the management of organizations is accomplished through class activities. While the focus is almost entirely on the core organizational behavior topics, the development of a management philosophy and the understanding of the link between both managerial activities and organizational effectiveness are used as integrating themes. [This course should be taken within the first nine (9) credit hours of the program.]

MG 530 (Required Course)
Marketing Management
Policy formation through marketing management is studied with special emphasis on the influence of marketing institutions, market structure, governmental regulations, and fluctuations in population and national income.

MG 540 (Required Course)
Organizational Theory & Design
This course treats the organization as an entity for study, looking at such issues as the historical growth of organizations, organizations as reflections of society, organizational structure, mission, goals, culture, and politics. Emphasis is given to the examination of the characteristics of open systems, studying models of organizations for their effectiveness, developing strategies for innovations and change within organizations.

MG 570 (Required Course)
Ethics & Social Responsibility of Management
A study of the role and responsibilities that organizations have in their relationship to local, state, national, and international communities. Impact on economic, social, and cultural systems, and the ultimate influences an organization has on personal and social functioning are reviewed.

MG 580 (Required Course)
Managing Financial Decisions
An examination of techniques used in establishing standards and budgets for control with an overview of product costing and overhead applications. The course also includes the flow of accounting data in the creation of financial statements. Careful study is also given to the problems of making business decisions, budgeting and cost control, and using accounting data in planning operations and policy formulation.

MG 638 (Elective or Required for Concentration)
Negotiating & Conflict Management
This course focuses on the development of negotiating skills in typical organizational settings. Through the use of classroom simulation, students acquire skills in all aspects of negotiating. Extensive use of the workshop format is employed.

MG 646 (Elective or Required for Concentration)
Group Dynamics
A study of group process and functions, including theories of group and team dynamics, the major variables influencing group process, and specialized group techniques particularly applicable to organizational functioning.

MG 648 (Required Course)
Leadership Development & Performance
A study of leadership research including leadership traits, styles, contingency theories, and group leadership approaches. Students apply these results through an analysis of their own personality traits and leadership styles. Prerequisite: MG 520 or MG 540.

MG 649 (Elective or Required for Concentration)
Organizational Development & Change
The course focuses on a systematic approach to planned organizational change. Students discuss various ways of assessing the organization’s current status (strengths, weaknesses, needs, etc.), prescribing the appropriate changes, strategies and effective interventions, and planning ways to overcome resistance to change.

MG 685 (Elective or Required for Concentration)
Integrated Marketing Communications
This course develops a detailed understanding of the various promotional tools such as advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, and publicity. Means of estimating costs and results are explored together with those perspectives useful in coordinating promotional objectives and efforts within the organization. Applications are developed to include the creation of promotional plans and budgets as well as the design of promotional efforts such as advertising campaigns and sales tactics, with an emphasis on legal and ethical guidelines. Prerequisite: MG 530 or equivalent.

MG 687 (Elective or Required for Concentration)
Global Marketing
The course investigates marketing strategies and functions as they are adjusted for the international environment of the organization. Pricing and product design are evaluated in the context of currency fluctuations, differing cost patterns, and different economic and cultural determinants of demand. Promotion and physical distribution are investigated in the context of infrastructure capabilities, costs, and culturally determined expectations for performance. Integrative international marketing strategies are developed, utilizing an understanding of financial implications in various reference currencies as well as both classic and state-of-the-art concepts of appropriate international strategy. Prerequisite: MG 530.

MG 689 (Elective or Required for Concentration)
Consumer Behavior
A study of the factors which shape and influence the behavior of consumers in the marketplace. Both macro- and micro- consumer behavior aspects are reviewed, with major emphasis on contributions from the behavioral sciences, including such topics as sensation and perception, learning and motivation, attitude formations, and group influences on consumer behavior. Prerequisite: MG 530

MG 690 (Elective or Required for Concentration)
Marketing Strategy
This course develops an understanding of the organization’s market niche through the integration of perspectives in psychology, consumer behavior, microeconomics, finance, ethics, law, and strategic management. Strategic options for the enhancement of the organization’s position are explored, utilizing applications, which include market research, computer simulations, and case studies. Prerequisite: MG 530.

MG 694 (Elective or Required for Concentration)
Managing 21st Century Organizations
To provide managers with an overview of factors currently affecting both management and organizations together with their potential future effect on work and organizations.

MG 695 (Required Course)
Strategic Management & Innovation
This capstone course in the student’s program is intended to consolidate the information accumulated in earlier course work in order to demonstrate the interaction of all sub-functions of the organization. Students will be placed in real-world situations through the use of cases, simulation, and actual management circumstances, and will be expected to defend any recommended actions. There is a summer short-term study away option to Germany offered every 2 years. [Capstone course. This course should be taken during the last six (6) credit hours of the program.]