Mathematics at Aquinas College

Mathematics Teaching at the Secondary Level (6-12 certification) Minor

Students seeking a secondary teaching major or minor must fulfill all requirements for the mathematics major/minor described above. In addition to the other requirements for the major/minor, all students earning secondary mathematics teacher certification must include one department approved course in Geometry, one department approved course or course sequence in Probability and Statistics, one department approved course in Discrete Math, and one department approved course in the History of Mathematics. The Methods of Teaching Secondary Mathematics, MS375, is a required course which does not count towards the major. Additional recommended courses are MS170 and MS321. The School of Education requires that all courses taken as a requirement for certification are completed with at least a C.


  • MS375 Methods of Teaching Secondary Mathematics (3)

    Provides a detailed examination of the pedagogy for teaching the mathematical content and process strands of secondary mathematics curricula and of appropriate instructional and assessment strategies. Tutoring component required. Prerequisite: EN201 (can be taken concurrently with MS375); MS122; cumulative grade point average of 2.5.This course is not accepted for the General Education Mathematics requirement.

  • MS170 Technology and Mathematics Seminar (1) MS

    Introduces programming and applications of computer algebra systems, modeling programs, calculators, and other mathematical software and hardware. This course prepares prospective teachers, minors and majors for higher courses and their own work as educators. Prerequisite: MS121, can be taken concurrently.

  • MS321 Abstract Algebra (4) MS, WI

    Sets, functions, equivalence relations, integers, mathematical induction, modular systems, permutations, groups, rings, fields, isomorphisms,and homomorphisms. Prerequisite: MS122, MS232 (MS240 recommended)