Mathematics at Aquinas College

Department News

  • Teresa Pillifant ’21 and Thomas Siebelink ’21 have been named as the Mathematics Department’s Outstanding Seniors in 2021. Teresa, who is also an English major, will be looking for high school teaching positions starting in the Fall. Thomas will be attending the University of Colorado – Denver to begin work on a Master’s degree in biostatistics. Congratulations Teresa and Tom!
  • Rebecca Beltran ’23 has been chosen to participate in a Research Experience for Undergraduates at Florida Institute of Technology during the summer of 2021. Rebecca will be working on a project involving statistics and data analysis.
  • Dr. Mike McDaniel and Dr. Shari McCarty collaborated on an article that appeared in PRIMUS (Problems, Resources, and Issues in Undergraduate Mathematics Studies) in 2020. The article, titled “Prospective Teachers Hack a Digital Cache Algorithm” details an activity that Dr. McDaniel and Dr. McCarty developed as a joint activity for their Modern Cryptography and Mathematics for Elementary and Middle School Teachers classes.
  • Aimee Judd ’20 and Dr. Joe Fox had a research paper titled “Counting Acyclic Orderings in Directed Acyclic Graphs” accepted in Journal of Combinatorial Mathematics and Combinatorial Computing in 2020. The paper is an outcome of their 2018 Mohler-Thompson summer research project at Aquinas.
  • Dr. Shari McCarty was promoted from assistant to associate professor in 2021.
  • Dr. Joe Spencer and Thomas Siebelink ’21 worked on a summer research in 2020 project involving mathematics and board games.
  • Josh Wierenga ’24 and Dr. McDaniel worked on a summer research project in 2020 involving connections between non-Euclidean geometry and virus molecule structures. Their work has potential applications in biochemistry (which happens to be Josh’s other major). Josh presented his research at the 2020 WMRUGS conference at the Van Andel Research Institute.
  • Dr. Yashowanto Ghosh recently completed a Master’s degree in German. His thesis involved applying his statistics expertise to a linguistics problem.
  • Dr. Fox has been accepted to participate in the PIC Math program of the Mathematical Association of America in the summer of 2021. PIC stands for “preparing for industrial careers”, and the program involves attendance at a week-long workshop which illustrates mathematical applications in business, industry, and government. Dr. Fox will run a project course in Spring 2022 in which a small group of students will work on a project proposed during this workshop.
  • There are at least three research manuscripts written by students and professors in the Math Department which are currently under review for publication. Check back soon to see when they’ll be published!