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Emma Stanners, Antonia Garcia, Sean Keast, Brook Esquivel, Mitchell McDaniel and Shelby Hannibal were inducted into Pi Mu Epsilon.  (right) 

Two students attended the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology's Undergraduate Math Conference in April: Noah Davis and Emmett McDaniel. Dr. McDaniel presented a talk on mathematical celebrities.

Fall semester ended with Christmas ornament construction with about 20 students. We made origami boxes, decorated them and then blew them up inside clear spherical ornaments. We used shiny pipe cleaners and rings to make geometrical figures like a triangle with its circumcircle.

The Math Club will have recruiters and a serious math talk this semester. The Pi Mu Epsilon Induction speaker will be Dr. Josh Schipper, a new research biologist at the Van Andel. 

The Math Department continues its overlap with outstanding seniors. Besides our own math winners Jackie Gipe and Noah Davis, the Political Science winner Brandon Heritier and Chemistry winner Janine Golob were also math majors. The previous year, five Five of our math majors received Outstanding Senior Awards from five different departments in! Tyler Nadeau won the Outstanding Math Senior award for his stellar GPA, enormous dedication to tutoring. Michael Gagnon won the International Business award. Ian MacNeil won the Political Science award. Two-time summer researcher Marissa Saladin split the Chemistry award with Andrew Zahrt. We also have to brag about math major and tennis star Aaron Hendrick who won the Joseph Baker Memorial Award for his domination in tennis and his academic strength.

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graduates with a professor

The data has been analyzed and we conclude: if you want to win an outstanding senior award, double major with math! Math major and chemistry whiz George Van Den Driessche has begun his doctoral work at North Carolina. Rumor has it, George does a little math once in a while.

Pi Mu Epsilon

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Kyle Jansens, Jessica Fye and Noah Davis attended the Rose-Hulman Undergraduate Math Conference. Kyle and Noah presented their summary of the squaring of the circle research. Their work ends a 2300 year-old story. The packed room peppered Kyle and Noah with questions at the end, sincerely interested in their results.

Noah Davis, Zoey Weber and Jackie Gipe attended the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology’s Undergraduate Math Conference. Noah gave the results from his paper, “Squaring the circle in hyperbolic geometry,” set to appear this spring in the Rose-Hulman Math Journal. Jackie presented her paper, “Invertible chord diagrams from the wheel,” which remains under consideration at The Journal of Knot Theory and Its Ramifications. Zoey was already in Pi Mu Epsilon, so she traded the induction ceremony for two days of math. 

Membership Requirements

Neither a math major or minor is required to be in PME; but taking the calculus sequence and beyond usually means one of these has happened. Membership is most difficult at the sophomore level, where the prospective member must be a math major with at least three math courses taken, including Calculus I. The sophomore must have a 4.0 in math and be in the top fourth of that student's class.

For students above sophomore level, the requirements are more adaptable. Four math courses including the calculus sequence is the big hurdle because the calculus sequence is three courses long. The prospective member must have a B average in math and must be in the top third of the class. One further requirement for all prospective PME members: you must be a Math Club member as well. The Math Club contains the honor society as well as providing participants with mathematical activities outside the classroom. To be a member of the Math Club, all you have to do is attend three Math Club meetings! So, for you successful math students at Aquinas College, check it out! You might just be able to increase your mathematics enjoyment, boost your resume and have some fun all at the same time.