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Music at Aquinas College

Liturgical Music Minor

Minor Requirements: Twenty-four (24) semester hours.

  • At least twelve (12) semester hours must be taken at Aquinas.
  • A 2.7 GPA must be maintained in the minor.
  • MCAP courses must be completed with a B- or higher , MCTH courses must be completed with a C+ or higher, and all other courses must be completed with a C or higher.
Eight (8) semester hours of Music Theory:
MCTH113 Integrated Theory I 3.0
MCTH114 Integrated Theory II 3.0
MCTH115 Ear Training/Sight Singing I 1.0
MCTH116 Ear Training/Sight Singing II 1.0
Three (3) semester hours of History and Literature:
MCHL/TY306 Music in Liturgical Celebration 3.0
Four (4) semester hours MCAP Studio Applied Piano 125-126; Organ 131-132; Voice 165,166,142; or Guitar 151-152
Nine (9) semester hours of Theology:
TY131 Bible as Story 3.0
TY230 The Liturgical Year 3.0
TY315 Eucharist: Source of Christian Life 3.0
Piano or Organ Proficiency V


  • MCTH113, 114 Integrated Theory (3,3) QR

    This two-semester sequence of courses is the study of the development of the materials of music, and the cultivation of an appreciation and understanding of musical style through comprehensive analysis and composition. Harmonic materials of the 17th through 20th centuries are correlated with instruction in written and keyboard harmony, beginning in MCTH113 with basic diatonic intervals and chord structure, and progressing in MCTH114 to common practice chord usage, including borrowed dominant harmonies. Analysis and composition studies culminate in a 16-measure original four-part chorale at the end of MCTH114. Prerequisite: MCTH104 or passing the Music Theory Proficiency Exam. MCTH/CS160 must be taken while enrolled in either of these courses. MCTH113 is a prerequisite for MCTH114.

  • MCTH115, 116 Ear Training/Sight-Singing I and II (1,1)

    This is the lab component of Integrated Theory 113, 114. Students learn to develop the ability to hear mentally what they see, as well as to reproduce it with their voices; to understand what they hear in musical sounds, as well as reproduce them in written form. Prerequisite: MCTH104 or passing the Proficiency Exam. MCTH115 is a prerequisite for MCTH114 and 116.

  • MCHL306/TY306 Music in Liturgical Celebration (3)

    Integrated study of music and liturgy; historical, theological study of basic liturgy and function of music in liturgy; musician’s role in a parish.

  • MCAP165, 166 Voice Techniques Class I and II (1,1) AP

    All beginning voice majors, minors or elective students will gain the necessary foundation, through study, exercises and songs, for successful vocal development at the college level. Study of a variety of song literature, the anatomy and physiology of the voice, Alexander Technique, and other current techniques will be incorporated as the basis for building a strong and healthy singing life or vocal career. Prerequisites: Successful completion (a grade of B- or higher) in MCAP165 to advance to MCAP166.

  • TY131 Bible as Story (3) TF

    A theological and literary introduction to the biblical story, from creation to apocalypse. Follows the great themes of the Bible, such as paradise, peoplehood, and the presence of God. Students will learn to interpret biblical stories, discover the images and themes that appear throughout the Christian Bible, and gain an appreciation of scripture as the root of Christian faith today.

  • TY230 The Liturgical Year (3)

    Historical, theological, and scriptural study of the seasons and feasts of the Liturgical Year; meaning of celebrating and living liturgical spirituality for contemporary persons.

  • TY315 Eucharist: Source and Summit of Christian Life (3)

    The Second Vatican Council teaches that the Eucharistic sacrifice is “the source and summit of Christian life” (Lumen Gentium, no. 11). The goal of this course is to see how the Eucharist had been the source and summit of the life of the early Church, and remains as the center of the Church today, and will continue to do so to the end of time.