Music at Aquinas College

Music Major with Performance Emphasis (BA)

Statement of Purposes: The Bachelor of Arts Degree: Music Major: B.A. with Performance Emphasis is designed for the student who wishes to deepen their performance and musicianship skills within the framework of the Liberal Arts curriculum. By adding an emphasis in performance, and gaining greater competency in music theory and literature, the student is better prepared for studies at the graduate level, private teaching and other artistic opportunities.

Major Requirements: Sixty-one (61) semester hours.

  • At least thirty (30) semester hours must be taken at Aquinas.
  • A 2.7 GPA must be maintained in the major.
  • MCAP courses must be completed with a B- or higher, MCTH courses must be completed with a C+ or higher, and all other courses must be completed with a C or higher.
19 (nineteen) semester hours of Music Theory:
MCTH113 Integrated Theory I 3.0
MCTH114 Integrated Theory II 3.0
MCTH115 Ear Training/Sight Singing I 1.0
MCTH116 Ear Training/Sight Singing II 1.0
MCTH203 Integrated Theory III 3.0
MCTH204 Integrated Theory IV 3.0
MCTH205 Ear Training/Sight Singing III 1.0
MCTH206 Ear Training/Sight Singing IV 1.0
MCTH352 Modern Analytical Techniques 2.0
MCTH/CS160 Midi Music Publishing 1.0
Six (6) semester hours of Music History and Literature:
MCHL350 Music History & Literature I (WI) 3.0
MCHL351 Music History & Literature II 3.0
One (1) semester hour of Music Education:
MCED315 Conducting Fundamentals 1.0
Four (4) semester hours of either College Chorus (MCEN143-244) or College Band (MCEN155-256):
Eight (8) semester hours of either MCAP Applied Piano (125-226), Organ (131-232), Instrument (151-252), or Voice (165, 166, 142-242):
Two (2) semester hours of Piano Techniques:
MCAP123 Piano Techniques I 1.0
MCAP124 Piano Techniques II 1.0
One (1) semester hour of Small Ensemble (MCEN):
Departmental Assessments:
Declaration of Major Hearing (DMH)  
Recital Hearing  
Senior Portfolio Review (SPR)  
Senior Capstone
MCHL360 Recital Seminars (SC) 1.0
Performance Emphasis Requirements:
Eight (8) semester hours of MCAP Applied Piano (325-426), Organ (331-432), Instrument (351-452) or Voice (341-442):
Two (2) semester hours of MCHL 327, 329, 330 or 331 Voice/Instrument Literature:
Four (4) semester hours of either College Chorus (MCEN 343-444) or College Band (MCEN 355-456):
Two (2) semester hours of Music Theory:
MCTH 415 Instrumentation and Orchestration 2.0
Electives chosen in Consultation with Music Advisor
Proficiency in Piano
Senior Portfolio Review



  • MCAP125, 126, 225, 226, 325, 326, 425, 426 Studio Applied Piano (2)

    Eight-semester sequence of private piano lessons at the college level. Repertoire will survey Baroque, Classic, Romantic, Impressionistic, 20th C. and Contemporary works of increasing demands as the semesters continue. Fee.

  • MCAP131, 132, 231, 232, 331, 332, 431, 432 Studio Applied Organ (2 each)

    Four-year sequence of private study at the college level. Fee.

  • MCAP141, 142, 241, 242, 341, 342, 441, 442 Studio Applied Voice (2)

    Eight-semester sequence of private voice lessons at the college level. Repertoire will begin with Baroque and 20th C. literature, then progress through Classic, Romantic and Contemporary songs and arias of increasing demands as the semesters continue. Music Majors and Minors with Voice as their principle instrument will have MCAP141 waived upon successful completion of the required MCAP165/166. Fee.

  • MCAP151, 152, 251, 252, 351, 352, 451, 452 Studio Applied Instrumental (2)

    Four-year sequence of private study at the college level. Instruction in string, woodwind, percussion, or brass instruments. See semester schedule for instrument specific course and section numbers. Classical and Jazz sections are offered. Fee.

  • MCHL327 Piano Literature (2)

    Study of representative works of each era beginning with early organ and harpsichord music to Baroque, Classic, Romantic, and contemporary works. Prerequisites: MCAP126.

  • MCHL329 Vocal Literature and Pedagogy (2)

    Survey of vocal music for solo voice from the 17th century to present; application of the IPA system; review interpretive technique in all stylistic periods; study of the anatomy of the voice and current voice methods, texts and journals. Prerequisite: MCAP142.

  • MCHL330 Instrumental Literature (2)

    History of the instrument specific to student’s applied area, through the examination of its literature and interpretation from its beginning to the present. Prerequisite: MCAP152.

  • MCHL331 Organ Literature (2)

    History of the organ, its literature and registration from earliest times to present. Prerequisite: MCAP132.

  • MCEN143, 144, 243, 244, 343, 344, 443, 444 College Chorus (1 each) AP

    of vocal literature: masterworks to current styles. No audition required.

  • MCEN155, 156, 255, 256, 355, 356, 455, 456 College Band (1 each) AP

    Performance of concert band literature: masterworks to current styles. Open to those with instrumental experience.

  • MCTH415 Instrumentation/Orchestration (2)

    Through the study and application of a variety of integrative analytical models, the instrumentation/orchestration student will demonstrate competence in theirge ability to understand and express in verbal and written language, all facets under study of the various acoustic qualities of string, wind, and percussion instruments plus an understanding of the conventional pitch range, transposition, and most characteristic scoring practices applied to all the musical instruments belonging to the aforementioned instrumental groupings. Prerequisite: MCTH352.