Music at Aquinas College

Student Learning Outcomes

Vision Statement. Empowering musical artists and scholars in a spiritual environment. Nurturing rich learning exchanges among gifted faculty, exceptional students, and the communities we serve.

Mission Statement. The mission of the Music Department in support of the mission of Aquinas College is to provide both to the music major and general education students: first, a deeper understanding and experience of music from the abundant diversity of cultures present today and through the ages; and, second, the verbal and technical skills to communicate that knowledge of music.

The Music Department’s role is a unique and treasured component of a solid education within the context of the Catholic Dominican tradition. To further fulfill the Aquinas College mission, the Music Department offers programs of study to prepare students for graduate schools and careers in such fields as teaching, liturgical music, conducting, jazz studies, and performance.

Student Learning Goals
1. To provide students with an understanding of and the ability to employ the common elements and organizational patterns of music and their interaction
2. To provide students with a broad knowledge of the history and development of music in its cultural and social contexts
3. To develop in students the skills of effective practice, rehearsal, performance and collaboration with other musicians and those under their leadership, necessary for educating, self-expression, communication, personal growth and interaction 
4. To develop in students an understanding of the fundamental workings of their instruments/ voices with the ability to verbalize that to others, and a self-confidence, while acknowledging present limitations, as strides to progress to a level of excellence in performance on the instrument/voice are made
5. To offer students opportunities to gain understanding and experience of possible career paths in music