Nursing at Aquinas College

Nursing Program Financial Aid Facts

Who should I contact with financial aid questions?
You may contact: Denise Morabito at University of Detrot Mercy (Detroit Mercy) - (313) 993-1405 or morabidc@udmercy.

Which website should I visit for more information on Financial Aid?
You should visit the Detroit Mercy Financial Aid Website.

Do financial aid and scholarships come from Aquinas or DETROIT MERCY?
All of your financial aid and scholarships will be issued through Detroit Mercy, not Aquinas. Be sure to list the Detroit Mercy school code (002323) on your FAFSA. Detroit Mercy will receive a copy of your FAFSA electronically and your financial aid package will be available to view on Titan Connect.

How do I know when my financial aid package has been awarded?
Once a student has been admitted and Detroit Mercy has received their FAFSA, the student will be sent an email on Titan Connect notifying them their award is ready to be viewed. This usually occurs around mid December.

How do I access my TitanConnect award?
Once you receive your TitanConnect User Name & Password in the mail, you should log on to Check out the TitanConnect link for detailed instructions on how to use your TitanConnect account.

What if I have received my TitanConnect Email in the mail, but misplaced it?
You may contact the Detroit Mercy Information Technology Department help desk at (313) 993-1500, and they will reissue you a new username and password.

What if I already submitted my FAFSA and did not list Detroit Mercy’s Federal School Code?
Go online to and list Detroit Mercy’s school code 1st (002323).

Can the same aid offered by Aquinas transfer to Detroit Mercy?
Not in the way you are probably thinking. All newly admitted freshmen and transfer students, who plan to attend full-time (12-18 credits), receive a grant or scholarship from Detroit Mercy. Each student is awarded aid from federal and state funds based on financial need. AQ/ Detroit Mercy nursing students are not eligible to receive any scholarships, grants, or financial aid from Aquinas College.

When should I file for aid each year?
We encourage everyone to file the Free Application for Federal Students Aid (FAFSA) as early as possible in order to maximize their financial aid eligibility. The new FAFSA become available October 1st of each year. We encourage students to complete the FAFSA by March 1st each year. The Detroit Mercy federal school code is 002323 and should be entered on the first line in the school code section. Filing is easy online at

When will I find out how much aid I will receive?
Detroit Mercy begins e-mailing financial aid award notifications to all new freshmen students by the first of the year. Once we receive the electronic version of your FAFSA, an award for fall and winter terms will be available for you to view on the TitanConnect Self-Service system. On TitanConnect enter your user code and password in the box on the top right and click login. New students will receive a letter from the Detroit Mercy Admissions department with information about your user I.D. and password. Students are able to accept their award offers online through the TitanConnect self-service system.

Can I receive more money from UNIVERSITY OF DETROIT MERCY than I was awarded?
Detroit Mercy awards your full aid eligibility right up front. All full time students receive Detroit Mercy grant or scholarship, as well as federal and state need based grants and loans if you qualify. Another option is credit based private alternative loans. >More Information

What if I don’t want any loans?
Loans are an “optional” investment toward your education. Stafford loans have a fixed interest rate. Repayment begins 6 months after graduation or when you cease to be enrolled at least half-time, with a 10-25 year repayment options. If you still don’t want loans, you may set-up a convenient payment arrangement by contacting Tuition Management Systems or (888) 713-7234.

How do I complete loan MPN’s?
If you are eligible for a Perkins loan, you will receive notification from ECSI, a third party servicer that Detroit Mercy contract with, regarding completing an electronic mater promissory note. If you accept the Stafford loan, you will need to complete a master promissory note online at For students who choose to borrow a Stafford loan, loan entrance counseling is required for all first time Stafford loan borrowers. Students must complete the entrance counseling online at

What is verification?
Each year the federal government randomly selects about 30% of FAFSA applicants to verify the information they provided on the FAFSA. Those selected must verify through documentation, all income reported on the FAGSA for the family. Forms required are (1) a 2019-20 verification worksheet that is available online (click on forms) and (2) IRS tax return transcripts (instructions available online).

Can I receive a book voucher?
No, Detroit Mercy does not have a book voucher system. Books are usually purchased from personal resources or a refund check. Students are encouraged to plan ahead. Books and materials are purchased at Aquinas.

Do you have a payment plan for making payments?
Detroit Mercy is pleased to offer at 10-month interest-free payment plan through Tuition Management Systems (TMS). Because this is not a loan, there is not interest and everyone qualifies. To enroll, just call (888) 713-7234.