Saints for Life Scholarship

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By: Haley Brink '18

The Saints for Life Scholarship, founded in 2012, provides compassion and support for young people who have chosen to continue on the journey of education while facing the life-changing events of parenting. The Saints for Life Scholarship gives traditional students experiencing unplanned pregnancies the ability to continue to grow in their education with support, grace and honor. The scholarship is available to men and women who have custody of their child, are enrolled at least part time at Aquinas College and have an acceptable GPA. This scholarship has gained momentum and will continue to touch the lives of students who need support and love.

Tim Schowalter, a strong contributor to the Saints for Life Scholarship, has experienced the power of supporting life since childhood. His father picketed an abortion clinic every week for an entire year. “It was a small town and I was a young kid so I definitely heard a lot of mockery and slander against my dad,” says Schowalter. “But somehow it made me respect my dad a lot more. Shortly after he finished his year of ‘protest’ the clinic closed down. My folks were involved in the Right to Life movement during my youth, so I was well educated on the scientific realities of when life begins and how important it is to stand up for the innocent and defenseless.”

The actions of Schowalter’s father shaped his son’s compassion, and it’s because of the love and support he learned from his father that he continues to stay involved in the cause for life. “The scholarship is a demonstration of grace and highlights that the recipients are not being judged, but rather rewarded for making the best out of an unexpected pregnancy,” says Schowalter. This scholarship inspired the Schowalter family with its dedication to helping students in a beautiful way. Tim and Barbie Schowalter have offered a $20,000 dollar for dollar match in all 2018 contributions to the Saints for Life Scholarship. This is an extraordinary opportunity for the community to get involved in students’ lives.

“Too many times the parent drops out of school because of new time and budget realities brought on by raising a child,” says Schowalter. “The scholarship is a practical way to help real people make it through a tough time. I’m glad to see the scholarship grow.” The scholarship has reached $115,417.23 as of September 30, 2017, and is continuing to grow.

“The scholarship has reached its short-term goal of providing significant assistance to the awardee in order to help make it possible for them to stay in school,” said David Huhn, the principal benefactor of the scholarship. “The long-term goal is to reach the funding necessary to allow for full tuition support or multiple options to fill the need. This act allows us to show the Lord what we can do to honor His glory. Reward their choice.”

The $20,000 dollar for dollar Schowalter match will keep the momentum of this scholarship going in 2018. “No amount is too small to get involved,” says Schowalter. This scholarship is an opportunity for everyone to show students facing unexpected pregnancies the true compassion and support that they need in order to build a life. The future of this scholarship is a bright one, and now is the best time to get involved.

Please consider donating online today and help us utilize this special match at, or by check (Aquinas College - Saints for Life Scholarship) or contact Cecilia A. Cunningham at 616-632-2816 or