Office of Advancement

List of Privately-Funded Scholarships

Endowed Scholarships 

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Annual Scholarships 


Endowed Scholarships

13 Fund Scholarship

Ronald L. Adams Scholarship

Greg A. Alksnis Scholarship

Martin J. Allen Jr. Reflection Award Scholarship

Asar Family Scholarship

John Bailey Family Scholarship

Lori J. Baker Business Scholarship

George T. Barcheski '61 Family Scholarship

Mike and Sandy Bardwell Family Scholarship

Loretta Daele Barnes Scholarship

Charles Beckmann Memorial Scholarship

Belden Brick and Supply Scholarship

R.J. Bennett Scholarship

Hy and Greta Berkowitz Scholarship

Dr. Barbara Bissot Math and Science Scholarship

Virginia and Thomas Bissot, Ph.D. Family Scholarship 

Richard Blake Memorial Scholarship

Elizabeth Boutselis Scholarship

Margaret E. Bowler Memorial Scholarship

Bishop Joseph Breitenbeck Endowed Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Paul Brewer Instrumental Music Scholarship

Monsignor Charles D. Brophy Memorial Scholarship

Timothy Bunbury Memorial Scholarship

Dennis J. Burfeindt Scholarship

James and Ann Burns Scholarship

Jerome C. Byrne Scholarship

Ed and Maureen Carlson Family Scholarship

Catholic Junior College Scholarship

Catholic Secondary Schools Scholarship

Chairman's Financial Emergency Scholarship

Fr. James Chelich Scholarship

Dr. Brent Chesley Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Lewis B. Clingman Scholarship

Betty Helen Weiss Cohan Piano Prize

Peter and Pat Cook Scholarship

Louis and Arlene Corsiglia Scholarship

Czerney Szoka Scholarship

Dallier Family Endowed Scholarship

Grand Rapids Dominican Scholarship

Katherine S. Donnelly Endowed Scholarship

Drake Quinn Family Scholarship

John and Ann Duba Scholarship

Durell Family Scholarship

Patricia S. Duthler Scholarship

Dr. R. Bruce Early Jazz Studies Scholarship

Ruth Rasmus Eberhard Athletic Scholarship

Professor Gary M. Eberle Scholarship

Echelbarger Family Scholarship

Elderkin Family Scholarship

Kristin Erhardt Memorial Scholarship 

Faith Scholarship

Stella Ferris Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Frank and Julia Ferugheli Memorial Scholarship

Fitzgerald Scholarship for the Ireland Studies Program 

Thomas C. Fowler Memorial Scholarship

Judge Noel Fox Scholarship

Jim McKay and Mary "Twink" Frey Endowed Scholarship

Sister Aquin Gallagher Scholarship

Ralph and Sue Garlick Scholarship in honor of Lily Conklin

Carl and Virginia Geis Scholarship

Sister Mary Virgil Ghering Memorial Scholarship

Patrick R. Gill Memorial Scholarship

Alta Gillette/ Frances E. McCarty Scholarship

Gleason Family Scholarship

Anne Marie Gonczy Memorial Endowed Scholarship

R. Kelly Goodwillie Memorial Scholarship

Gus & Dorothy Gutmueller Scholarship

Father Bernard A. Hall Memorial Scholarship

Dag Hammarskjold Scholarship in International Studies

Kevin and Barbara Hanrahan Family Scholarship

Joseph L. & Mary E. Hansknecht Social Justice Scholarship

Maxine G. Hattem Music Scholarship

Therese Kelley Herrmann Memorial Scholarship

Hillary Family Scholarship

Lendell K. Hoard Memorial Scholarship

R. Stuart and Barbara Hoffius Memorial Scholarship

Louis and Florence Hogan Burns Scholarship

Aquinas Scholarship of Hope

Eugene T. Hopkins Music Scholarship

Hopps Family Scholarship

Gertrude Horgan Ireland Alumni Scholarship

Dolores Hruby Music Scholarship

Jane Hibbard Idema Scholarship

Robert and Paulette Israels Scholarship

John & Sarah Jackoboice Scholarship

Helen Gast Jackoboice Endowed Scholarship

Dr. Lee E. and Mrs. Francene S. Jacokes Family Scholarship

Lois Lehman Jandernoa Scholarship

Patricia B. Johnson Scholarship

Lenore Kalenda Memorial Scholarship

Sister Anne Keating, O.P. Alumni Scholarship

Michael C. and Mary Keller Family Scholarship

Harry J & Beatrice I Kelley Scholarship

Al and Colette Kessel Family Scholarship for Entrepreneurial Leadership

Mary and Leo Kessler, Jr. Memorial Scholarship

Daniel Kidder '68 Family Scholarship

Allene L. and Gary G. Kieff Master of Management Alumni Scholarship

Larry Kielich Endowed Scholarship

Mary Jane Kirchgessner Music Scholarship

James D. Kirkwood '92 Family Scholarship

Dr. Harry and Mrs. Sheila Knopke Scholarship for International Study

Dorothy M. Konow Theatre and Music Scholarship

Sister Emmanuel Kopp, O.P. & Evangelista Rohrl, O.P. Music Scholarship

Korff Family Scholarship

Bud Kretschmer Endowed Music Scholarship

Ronald J Kuzma '65 Legacy Scholarship

Monica La Sarge Scholarship

Robert L. Lalley Memorial Scholarship

Laporte Family Scholarship

LeClair Family Scholarship

Michael & Mary Donnelly Leonard Scholarship

Rabbi Albert and Shirley Lewis Endowed Scholarship

Michael A. Lown Endowed Scholarship

Sister Mary Leonard Lynch, O.P. Endowed Scholarship

Marin Family Endowed Memorial Scholarship

Patricia Ann Maslak Memorial Scholarship

Sister Ann Mason O.P. Scholarship

The Massouh '95 Leadership Scholarship

Dr. Ralph E. '60 and Mrs. Yvonne L. Mathis '79 Family Scholarship

Mayan - Osbourne Family Scholarship

Joseph W. McCarthy Golf Scholarship

Mary A. Mead Memorial Scholarship

Meijer Family Scholarship

Jean Merren Scholarship

Peyton A. Mikowski Memorial Scholarship

Adele M. Milanowski Scholarship

Patrick A. Miles, Sr. and Shirley Miles Scholarship

Dale E. Miller Endowed Scholarship

Mary N. Miller Endowed Scholarship

Gretchen Minnhaar Scholarship

Audrey E. Mohler Memorial Music Scholarship

Marguerite and Dennison Mohler Scholarship

Monaghan Castiglione Family Scholarship

Myrtle Moore Memorial Scholarship

Lyle B. Morrison Scholarship

Michael and Rachel Mraz Family Scholarship

Patrick J. Mullen Scholarship

Richard D. Murphy Memorial Scholarship

J. Lee and Susan B. Murphy Business Scholarship

Caelan Mys '88 Memorial Scholarship

R. Paul Nelson Endowed Scholarship

Gerald F. Neubecker Jr. Environmental Science Scholarship

Noodle Lovers' International Scholarship

Jim and Liz Novitsky Family Scholarship

General John and Maureen Nowak Scholarship

O'Brien, Witham, McCargar Music Scholarship

Rex P. O'Connor, Sr. Memorial Scholarship

John P. & Stella M. O'Connor Scholarship

David O'Leary Memorial Scholarship

Olivarez Family Scholarship

Margaret Bailey Osborn Music Scholarship

Chase & Jessica Osbourne Scholarship

Parini Family Scholarship

David and Sandra Pearson Business Scholarship

Pelkey - Piggott Memorial Family Scholarship

Michael J. and Phyllis J. (Szocinski) Petersen Endowed Family Scholarship 

Robin '97 and William "Bill" Plouff '68 Family Scholarship

Dr. John A. Poje Scholarship

Monsignor Charles W. Popell Scholarship

Michael H. Price Academic & Leadership Excellence Endowed Scholarhsip

Marian Antoinette and John Patrick Quinn Scholarship

The George & Angeline Riley Scholarship

Sister Vincent de Paul Roberts, O.P. Endowed Scholarship

James and Helen Rohen Memorial Scholarship

Aquinas College Roots Scholarship

Paul A. Rossi Leadership Scholarship

Alan R. Ryan Scholarship

Saints for Life Scholarship

Sr. Harriet Sanborn Continuing Education Scholarship

Jack and Joan Sawinski Family Scholarship

Marijeanne and Virgileen Schrauwen Memorial Scholarship

Willard and Barbara Schroeder Scholarship

Ryan P. and Dawn S. Smith Family Scholarship

Arthur R. & Elizabeth E. Snell Scholarship

David and Tamara Steil Family Scholarship

Raymond K. Tardy Scholarship

Leslie E. Tassell Sustainable Business Scholarship

Tassell-Wisner-Bottrall Family Scholarship

Terhune - Sheridan Endowed Scholarship

Theology for Lay Ecclesial Ministers Scholarship

Theology for Church and Marketplace Scholarship

Tierney Family Scholarship

Sister Jean Paul Tilmann Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Luis A. Tomatis Endowed Scholarship

TowerPinkster Science Education Endowed Scholarship 

VanGessel Scholarship

Jim '83 and Mary McCarthy '83 Veldheer Scholarship

John E. Veneklasen Scholarship

Wagenaar Family Scholarship

Margaret Ward Endowed Art Scholarship

May Beth (O'Neil) Weber '76 Memorial Scholarship

David Weinandy Student Leader Scholarship

William and Jean Wendover Active Learning Fellowship

Richard Weronko '71 Scholarship

Gary R. and Julianne K. West Family Scholarship

Joseph A. and Kathleen M. Driza Westdorp Family Scholarship

Robert J. '71 and Deborah A. White '71 Family Scholarship

Sister Catherine Williams O.P. Music Scholarship

Charles L. & Lita K. Wimbley Scholarship

Kate Pew Wolters Community Leadership Scholarship

Kate Pew Wolters Reflection Award Scholarship

Woodhouse Family Scholarship

John Charon and Esther Wurzburg '48 Family Scholarship

Rosie Zant Scholarship

Sister Bernetta Zietz Memorial Scholarship

Sister Robina Zoellner Memorial Scholarship

Annual Scholarships 

Paul Assenmacher Scholarship

Karen & Terry 'Coach Bo' Bocian Scholarship

Leonard Bridge Memorial Scholarship

Carol Clemons International Student Scholarship

Louis M. Dexter Memorial Scholarship

Kristin Erhardt Memorial Annual Scholarship 

Frey Foundation Scholarship

Edward T. Goulet Memorial Scholarship

Ancient Order of Hibernians of America Scholarship for Irish Study Away Program

Christy Jaklinski-Paganelli Memorial Scholarship

John Paul II Scholarship

Sr. Luncinda Lehmkuhle Scholarship

Matthew Lynch '06 Memorial Annual Scholarship

Manufacturers Council Sustainable Business Scholarship

Greg Meyer Annual Scholarship

Chuck and Stella Royce Music Scholarship

Robert and Timothy Sullivan Scholarship

Luis G. Vecchio Athletic Award

W.H.A.T. Group Annual Art Award

Wege Sustainable Business Scholarship

Wege Athletic Scholarship

Willliam and Jean Wendover Annual Active Learning Internship Fellowship