Once an official accommodation letter has been issued by the Accessibility Services Director, the student will share the letter with their professors to request accommodations. Students may choose to share letters in classes in which they may experience a barrier to accessing learning (there is no requirement to share letters with all professors). Though letters can be presented at any point in the semester, students will share letters 14 days in advance of the accommodation needed in order to facilitate implementation of the accommodation (requests made with fewer days’ notice will be considered and implemented when possible). Thus, it is highly recommended that students visit their professors’ office hours during the first or second week of classes to discuss the accommodations requested in each respective class. This provides time for an interactive discussion between the student and professor about what is being requested, how the accommodation can be facilitated in the course. It also allows time for student or professor to engage the Accessibility Services office for clarification if needed.

Unsure of what to do? Check out this helpful video on how to share accommodation letters with your professors.  


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