In accordance with institutional and federal guidelines outlining the provision of reasonable accommodations for college students with disabilities to ensure equal access to education, it is our responsibility as Aquinas Faculty and Staff to create and promote an accessible environment for learning and student engagement whether on campus or online.

Digital Accessibility can only be achieved when the information and applications being shared can be equitably accessed by everyone. Many of the web applications we use in online learning for communication and collaboration enable accessibility, but this access doesn’t occur automatically- action must be taken to ensure access for all. The following resources will support your efforts in the creation and use of accessible content and features that can improve learning for everyone. Any additional questions regarding the accessibility of digital content can be answered by contacting Accessibility Services.

Digital Accessibility at Aquinas College begins with YOU.

Creating Accessible Content for Online Learning

How to Create Accessible PDFs

How to Create Accessible Word Documents

How to Create Accessible Google Documents 

Accessibility Features for Video Chatting Applications

Providing Testing Accommodations for Online Learning

Extended test time accommodations should be provided by the course Instructor for all tests taken via CourseConnect. For questions regarding the provision of testing accommodations for online classes, please contact our office. 

The Extra time calculator is an easy to use tool that helps calculate the start and end times for a student who receives extended test time accommodations.


Accessibility Services
8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday (during fall and spring semesters) in Lower Wege Office 103

(616) 632-2177

For questions or concerns about website accessibility, please contact