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Internships for Academic Credit

Apply what you’ve learned in the classroom to a professional setting while building skills, knowledge, and experience! Internships may be completed for academic credit, may be paid or unpaid, and are available in nearly every academic discipline. Our unique program incorporates learning assessments, reflection exercises, and participation in a poster session to ensure students have the best possible experience and are able to articulate what they have learned.

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  • While any AQ student can complete in an internship for credit, some majors and minors require an internship for graduation. We recommend students consult with their academic advisor or referring to theirr academic plan

  • Students can receive up to 12 academic credits for their internship experiences during their academic career

  • The amount of credits requested will determine the number of hours you will need to complete during your internship. 1 credit = 45 hours

  • Semester matters! Internships completed during the fall and spring will incur additional tuition fees if the requested credits will put you over 18 credit hours that semester; summer internships are subject to summer tuition rates

Internship Seminar

All students completing an internship for credit are required to participate in a seminar, which provides support, opportunities for reflection, a learning assessment, and ways to articulate your experience. Seminar meetings occur three times a semester and attendance is mandatory.

Midpoint Learning Assessment

During the semester, you will meet with your supervisor and the Internship Director in a Midpoint Learning Assessment to discuss your learning goals, strengths and opportunities for growth

Final Poster Session

Students will present their experiences at the Final Poster Session, to demonstrate the skills they’ve learned and strengthened and practice telling their “internship story”

  1. Log in to Handshake

  2. Select Select Career Center > Experiences > Submit an Experience

  3. Under Experience Type, select whether you are requesting academic credit for (a) your major or minor, (b) general elective credit, (c) global students or (d) an internship as part of a study away program

  4. Completely fill out the form
    • Term: select which term you will be completing the internship - this has to be the same term you will complete the accompanying seminar
    • Reviewer contact information: fill in the information for your internship supervisor, academic advisor, and academic chair. If you do not know your advisor’s name, check MyAQ Self-Service; for academic chairs, refer to the department website. 
    • Number of credits: the typical number of credits requested is 4 or 8. Check with your advisor or your academic plan to determine the number of credits required.
    • Academic designation: this will determine which department your internship will be under and it cannot be changed once the semester begins. Consult with your advisor or academic plan to ensure you request the appropriate academic designation

  5. Click submit an experience

Approval Process

After you submit the experience, the Advantage Center office will review it and begin the approval process. An email will be sent to each approver in sequential order and each approver has up to 4 days to either approve or decline the experience.

You can check the status of your internship approval through Handshake. Once logged in, click  Career Center > Experiences. Select your internship to view the details. This will show you who has and has yet to approve your internship. If you are waiting on an approval from a particular individual, you are encouraged to reach out to them.

Global students on F-1 visas interested in participating in an internship opportunity must do so for-credit and it must be directly related to their major area of study. The US government refers to this as Curricular Practical Training or CPT. An updated I-20 with CPT authorization is required to participate in any internship, so please reach out to the Office of International Programs to comply with visa regulations. 


Deadlines, Dates & Info

Spring 2024

Registration Deadline

Jan 19, 2024

Seminar Meetings

Jan 30 · Feb 27* · Mar 26

Spring '24 Poster Symposium

May 6, 2024

The Internship Seminar meeting on Feb. 27th will take place at 4pm; all other meetings will begin at 4:30pm.

Summer 2024

Registration Deadline

May 17, 2024

Seminar Requirements

Completion of four modules

Fall '24 Poster Symposium  


The Early Bird Registration Deadline ($100 of per credit) is April 15, 2024.

Internships at AQ Digital Guide

View our digital guide on everything you would need to know about completing an internship for academic credit.


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