It's Your Time To study abroad!

Take your learning beyond the classroom and broaden your understanding of global perspectives by participating in a study abroad program. Explore the pages below to see how studying abroad supports your academic and career goals. Our office is happy to support you as you navigate this exciting opportunity.

1. Gain Perspective

  • About yourself
  • About your major/minor area of study
  • About your home culture
  • About the world and how things interact and are related

2. Increase Cultural Sensitivity

  • Through learning how to interact with you host culture
  • Encountering different cultural activities and events
  • Being open-minded and willing to engage to try and understand someone with a different culture

3. Language Skills

  • Being fully immersed in the language can accelerate learning/language acquisition
  • Grow in confidence and skills when writing or speaking
  • Plenty of opportunities to practice language skills
  • Host families are happy to help you learn the language and culture

4. Resume Builder

  • Indicates flexibility, ability to take initiative, curiosity and resourcefulness
  • Demonstrates willingness to engage cross-culturally, helpful when working on diverse teams

5. Experience New Things

  • Try new foods
  • Adapt to a different kind of lifestyle
  • Attempt a new hobby
  • Celebrate new holidays or ones you’re familiar with but in a different way

6. Increased Career Opportunities

  • Internship opportunities abroad can lead to future work or a global network
  • Language proficiency may be appealing/necessary for certain jobs
  • Demonstrates willingness to engage cross-culturally, helpful when working on diverse teams

7. Expand Your Circle

  • Develop friendships with other students from around the US and world
  • Meet people in your future field of work, grow your network

8. Personal Development

  • Gain independence
  • Increased confidence as you overcome or adapt to cross-cultural challenges
  • Learn self-reliance (and how/when to ask for help)
  • Increased global awareness and cultural sensitivity

9. Hands-on Learning

  • See and experience firsthand the things you learn about in the classroom through field trips and excursions
  • Put skills (especially language skills) learned in the classroom to use through daily life or as part of an internship

10. See the World

  • Experience new terrains, natural wonders, museums and landmarks in your host country
  • Visit neighboring countries - as part of program excursions and/or individual trips
Students posing with Aquinas flag in Ireland

Getting Started

Our Overview of Studying Abroad

Explore what study abroad can offer you by considering your goals. Find out what the process to study abroad looks like. Get ready for a once in a lifetime experience.GET STARTED NOW

Students in front of St. Mary's University with an Aquinas flag and British Flag

Semester Programs

Immerse yourself in the culture and experiences of another country for a full semester while earning credits toward your major or minor.

A palace in Germany

Summer Programs

Spend part of your summer break in Germany or Poland earning credit and fulfilling requirements in German, Theology or Catholic Studies.

students looking out at ocean

Short Term Programs

Short Term programs are the perfect way to try out traveling and get valuable, exciting experience abroad. Past trips have taken our students to Costa Rica, Iceland and more.

lawn lined with international flags

Money Matters

There are plenty of ways to make studying abroad affordable. Explore scholarship opportunities and other funding options that can support your travels. 

Students posing in front of palace


Read travel guides for women, LGBT+ travelers, racial and ethnic minority travelers, and travelers with disabilities so you feel informed and safe about your study abroad experience.