If a student chooses to withdraw from ALL of his/her courses because of personal, health, or other reasons, the student must notify the Registrar in writing of his/her intent to withdraw. Students must complete a Withdrawal Form, available in the Registrar/Academic Advising Center. Tuition charges will be incurred according to the date of written notification of the withdrawal. Academic penalties will be incurred for any courses past midterm at time of withdrawal.
Title IV funds will be pro-rated for a complete withdrawal. Please see the Financial Aid section of the College Catalog. If a student withdraws from ALL classes and receives financial assistance, the student must contact the Financial Aid Office for an interview to review the refund policy.
Students should contact the Admissions Office when ready to return to Aquinas College. Aquinas may require that the student provide a professional assessment by a qualified medical doctor or psychiatrist on their behalf depending on the reason for withdrawal.
Please note that if the Registrar receives notification that a registered student is no longer attending their classes and has made no Approved Arrangement with their instructors and the Registrar, the Registrar has the prerogative to immediately withdraw the student from Aquinas College. The student will be subject to all costs for tuition and must reapply for admission to the College.
The College realizes that on occasion, students may needs to request an exception to the withdrawal policy. If the withdrawal was due to mitigating circumstances that were beyond the student’s control, the student has the opportunity to provide relevant documentation to support a request to remove academic penalties. Please see the Withdrawal form for instructions.
Please refer to the Expenses and Financial Aid section of the Academic Catalog for a complete explanation of the Withdrawal Policy and the corresponding Financial Aid ramifications.


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