This webpage hosts our Zero Waste Calculator, depicting the current state of our campus zero waste journey. The table below contains a snapshot of our campus-wide waste generation broken up by building, allowing campus community members to better understand waste in their particular sphere of influence. Shown is each building's waste mix for the two most current weeks (including pounds of recycling, compost, and trash) along with its total waste generated and diversion rate for that week only. This chart is updated weekly, so come back each week to check in on our progress as a campus! (Click here to view in a new browser window.)


Waste Mix: This refers to the types of waste streams leaving a building. Generally, waste mix is composed of compost, recycling, and trash.

Diversion Rate: Refers to the percentage of waste generated that was not sent to the landfill/incinerator. Waste diversion rate is calculated by: The sum of recycling & composting divided by the sum of the total waste

Cumulative Diversion Rate: The total percentage of waste generated on campus throughout the year that was not sent to the landfill/incinerator, beginning on July 1.