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OLLI will follow Aquinas College guidelines and protocol if the college decides that canceling courses and events are necessary. For more information visit the Aquinas College Coronavirus Information Page.

Monday, March 23



March 19, 2020 

Thank you for your ongoing patience as we traverse this unusual situation together. 

We asked that you wait until Monday, March 23 to request a refund for March classes. We are going to give you the opportunity to do just that. 

We will be answering phones here in the OLLI office (616-632-2430) both Monday, March 23 and Tuesday, March 24 from 9AM until 2PM. We do not keep credit card information on file, so if you would like a refund, please call us and provide us with your credit card number. 


Any voice mails received by 2PM on either day will be returned the same day. 

After Tuesday, March 24, you may still request a refund, but it will have to wait until we're back to normal operations. 

We are also changing our OLLI credit policy. Normally, OLLI credits would need to be used by the end of June 2020. WE ARE EXTENDING THIS PERIOD SO THAT YOUR OLLI CREDITS MAY BE USED THROUGH THE END OF JUNE 2021. 

Thank you again for being a part of the OLLI at Aquinas family. Stay safe-stay home-stay in touch! 

Sister Mary Aquinas Weber, the visionary behind OLLI and currently Chancellor Emerita at Aquinas College, recently expressed beautifully who and what we are at OLLI:  There exists at the Browne Center a little island of lively activity, where the human spirit can soar, free of the limitations of time, pressure, or career-seeking or money-making. Here, mature minds can study, reflect, and discuss at leisure as they always yearned to do—not in order to earn a credit or a dollar, not to meet requirements or pass exams, but for the pure joy of learning and growing. Each year, the OLLI classes continue to satisfy that longing in its eager students, who display such boundless intellectual curiosity and verve in exploring the urgent daily concerns of our nation and world. Thank you, students, for continuing to join us and bring our programs to life!

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