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After growing up in Ludington, Michigan I moved to Grand Rapids and attended Calvin College, just down the road from Aquinas. Once I had graduated from Calvin, I moved to the East Coast and began a Ph.D. program in modern British history at Boston College. After seven years of grueling historical labor, I received my Ph.D. from Boston College in May 2009. While I loved living in Boston (all the books and baseball!), I am thrilled to be back in West Michigan and a member of the faculty at Aquinas College.

As a research historian, I specialize in modern British and European intellectual and religious history. My first book, The Great Church Crisis and the End of English Erastianism, 1898-1906 (Routledge, 2016) studies the political impact of an 1898-1906 anti-Catholic panic on Church-State relations. You can purchase a copy for only $149.95. My current research examines the transmission of anti-Catholic ideology via late-Victorian and Edwardian Protestant children’s literature and also the ways Victorian Catholic apologists popularized the latest scientific discoveries.

A major goal of my research and writing activities is to support my undergraduate teaching. I regularly teach classes on World History (1500-present), Humanities II (1500-present), History of Christianity, Modern Europe, Medieval and Early-Modern British History, Modern British History, a research seminar on the British Empire, World War I, and Historiography. To support my teaching, I also publish a blog about undergraduate history writing entitled “History Writing Demystified for the Undergraduate Scholar.” In addition to enjoying teaching and other historian stuff, I also enjoy hiking (especially the Ludington State Park!), bird-watching, running, biking, good beer, British detective novels, and hanging out with my husband Jack and daughter Miriam. Oh, and I am seriously really into cats and volunteer at Crash’s Landing Cat Rescue and Placement Center.

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Recent Scholarly Activity

  • Selected Research Publications
    • The Great Church Crisis and the End of English Erastianism, 1898-1906 (London: Routledge, 2016)
    • “‘Contend Earnestly for the Faith’: Victorian and Edwardian Anti-Catholic Children’s Clubs and Literature,” in progress for Victorian Studies
    • “The New Science and British Roman Catholicism Prior to the Modernist Controversy,” The Catholic Historical Review, under revision 
    • “Radical Anti-Catholic Protestantism and When It Was Dark: The Novel and the Historical Context,” English Literature in Transition, 1880–1920 57, no. 2 (January 2014): 210-230.
    • “Protestant Paranoia and Catholic Conspiracies:  Protestant Perspectives on the Second Anglo-Boer War,” Fides et Historia 42, no. 1 (Winter/Spring 2012): 30-52.
  • Selected Educational Publications
    • Independent Contractor Reviser for Instructor’s Resource Manual for Frank L. Kidner et al., Making Europe: The Story of the West, 2 nd  ed. (Boston: Cengage Learning, 2014).
    • Several articles on modern European history in Eric Cunningham, ed., Western Civilization II: 1500- Present and World History II 1500 to Present [textbook layer], Milestone Documents (Schlager Publishing Group, 2013).
  • Selected Book Reviews
    • Review of Miriam Elizabeth Burstein, Victorian Reformations: Historical Fiction and religious Controversy, 1820-1900 in Anglican and Episcopal History 85, no 4 (December 2016): 538-540.
    • Review of Paul T. Phillips, Contesting the Moral High Ground: Popular Moralists in Mid-Twentieth Century Britain in Journal of British Studies 53, no. 2 (April 2014): 551-553.
    • Review of Anders Jarlert, ed., Piety and Modernity in Church History and Religious Culture 93, no. 4 (2013): 629-631.
    • Review of Patrick Brantlinger, Taming Cannibals: Race and the Victorians in Journal of World History 24, no. 2 (June 2013): 474-476.
  • Selected Conference Papers and Invited Lectures
    • “Mint Chocolate Chip or Blue Moon?: Why Teach the Protestant Reformation at a 21st-century Roman Catholic Liberal Arts College,” Sixteenth Century Society & Conference, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, October 2017
    • “The Anglican Catholic Minority and late-Victorian Erastian Resurgence,” Henry Institute Symposium on Religion and Public Life, Calvin College, April 27-29, 2017
    • “British Roman Catholicism and Darwinianism Prior to the Modernist Controversy,” 2015 Grand Dialogue, Grand Valley State University, June 13, 2015
    • “Violence as Threat and Fascination in late-Victorian Protestant Children’s Literature,” Midwest Victorian Studies Association Conference, University of Michigan, April 11-13, 2014
    • “Guy Thorne, Popular Catholicism, and Fin-de- siècle Literature,” American Catholic Historical Association in conjunction with the American Historical Association, Chicago, January 5-8, 2012
    • “Britons, Boers, and the Pope: The Great Church Crisis and the Second Anglo- Boer War,” Desantis Lecture Series, invited lecture at University of Notre Dame, March 4, 2011


  • Ph.D., Boston College
  • B.A., Calvin College