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Diane Roushangar is currently a doctoral candidate in the Department of Sociology at Western Michigan University. She received her Master’s degree in anthropology from Western Michigan University and her Bachelor’s degree in anthropology from Grand Valley State University. She specializes in qualitative research methods, immigration, and gender and intersectionality. She has taught at several higher education institutions in Michigan and teaches a variety courses in sociology and anthropology.

Her primary research interest resides in refugee resettlement and the exploration of power vis- à-vis forced migration. Diane’s dissertation examines refugee resettlement agencies and the use of the self-sufficiency narrative as a mechanism of control while also focusing on refugee integration as it is intertwined with social capital and community involvement. She has been involved with the Congolese refugee community in the west Michigan area for over seven years.

She has also received multiple awards and certificates from Western Michigan University and has presented at numerous national conferences in the area of refugee resettlement and surveillance and state crime.


  • Ph.D. Candidate, Western Michigan University
  • M.A., Western Michigan University
  • B.A., Grand Valley State University