Carmen Ruiz-Sanchez, Ph. D.

Professor of Spanish, Spanish Program Coordinator, Insignis Co-Director
(616) 632-2838


Dr. Carmen Ruiz-Sánchez is originally from Seville, Spain. She came to the United States to do her graduate studies. She completed her Ph.D. in Hispanic Linguistics at Indiana University. Before joining the faculty at Aquinas College, she taught upper-division and graduate linguistic courses in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at Michigan State University.

Dr. Ruiz-Sánchez is a Professor of Spanish and the Spanish Program Coordinator at Aquinas College. She regularly teaches WL101 First Semester Spanish, WL102 Second Semester Spanish, WL304 Spanish Pronunciation and WL305 Introduction to Spanish-English Linguistics. She also teaches the translation courses TI415 Spanish Translation: Concepts and Practice, and TI416 Translation across Disciplines.

Her research focuses on the sociolinguistic variation of the Spanish pronunciation in Southern Spain and the Caribbean. She also does investigations in the field of second language acquisition of Spanish pronunciation and in online teaching. She has published a book and several articles, and has mentored students’ research in these areas.

In her spare time, Dr. Ruiz-Sánchez enjoys fitness classes, practices Flamenco dance, and likes to spend time with her family.


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2018 Summer Scholar Program project: “The Role of Gender on the Pronunciation of ch in Andalusian Spanish: A Study of Social and Linguistic Factors” with student Bridget Gibley

2016 Summer Scholar Program project: “Voseo in Costa Rican Spanish” with student Alyssa Wilson

2015 Earhart Emerging Scholar project: “The Variable Pronunciation of Pues in Andalusian Spanish: A Study of Social, Linguistic and Frequency Factors” with student Azar Fazil.

2015 Summer Scholar Program project: “The Use of Second-Person Singular Pronouns among Young Speakers in Costa Rica” with student Alyssa Wilson.

2014 Summer Scholar Program project: “The Influence of English on the Spanish of Heritage Speakers in the Grand Rapids Community” with student Azra Fazil.


  • Ph.D., Indiana University
  • M.A., Indiana University
  • B.A., University of Seville, Spain