Physical Education Secondary Teaching Minor with a Concentration in Coaching

Minor Requirements: Thirty-one (31) semester hours.

  • At least eighteen (18) semester hours must be taken at Aquinas.
  • This minor must be combined with the Secondary Professional Preparation courses required for teacher certification.
  • Only courses with a grade of C or better may count toward the minor.
KN146 Nutrition, Exercise and Stress 3.0
KN158 Health Education-First Aid 3.0
KN242 Sports Techniques and Research 3.0
KN250 Physiology of Exercise or KN256 Kinesiology 4.0
KN281 Aerobic Fitness or KN404 Conditioning I 1.0/2.0
KN289 Teaching Gymnastics 2.0
KN364 Motor Learning and Motor Development 3.0
KN450 Methods/Measurement in Secondary PE 4.0
Three (3) Activity courses:
One (1) Class of each in the same sport (Coaching, Officiating, Activity):



  • KN146 Nutrition, Exercise, Stress (3) KN

    Study of nutrition, exercise, and stress. Activities will include personal fitness assessment, active participation, and lecture and discussion. This course involves both lecture and participation in exercises

  • KN158 Health Education—First Aid (3)

    Introduction to theory and methods of first aid including CPR and other emergency techniques and procedures. The American Red Cross Emergency Medical Response and Responding to Emergencies courses are both offered. Athletic training majors should choose the Emergency Medical Response section of the course

  • KN242 Sports Techniques and Research (3)

    Designed to provide prospective physical education and recreation educators with instruction, practice, and participation in the fundamental rules, skills, terminology, and strategies of the sports most often taught in physical education classes K through 12. Special emphasis is placed on the research process needed to become knowledgeable and able to instruct unfamiliar sports. Offered fall semester. Observation/teaching hours required. Prerequisite: EN201 or permission of instructor

  • KN250 Physiology of Exercise (4)

    Study of the physiological responses to exercise and sport. Emphasis on energy expenditure, neuromuscular, cardiovascular, respiratory systems and their adaptation to training. Lab required. Offered fall semester for Athletic Training majors and spring semester for Exercise Science majors. Prerequisites: BY150 or BY155/156 or BY160

  • KN256 Anatomical Kinesiology/Biomechanical Kinesiology (4)

    Study of skeletal, joint, and muscular systems in the human body; analysis of muscular-skeletal movement applied to exercise, sports, and dance skills. Offered spring semester. Prerequisites: BY150 or BY155/156 or BY160.

  • KN281 Aerobic Fitness/Activity (1) KN

  • KN289 Teaching Gymnastics (2)

    Class meets off campus after the first meeting.

  • KN364 Motor Learning and Motor Development (3)

    Designed to provide prospective physical educators, exercise science majors with the knowledge and understanding of human growth and development, and motor learning needed to be successful in their professions. Emphasis is placed on the stages of development from birth through early adulthood. Emphasis is also placed on the theories of motor learning and how they relate to skill acquisition and refinement. We will also discuss motor learning as it pertains to recovery from sports injuries. Offered spring semester, odd years. Prerequisite: KN256.

  • KN404 Conditioning I (2) KN

    This is an activity course is designed for the student to work on their own personal conditioning. It involves intensive workouts during the eight weeks. Athletes in season will still need to participate at their top level. Those that are injured should NOT take the class until the injury is healed. 

  • KN450 Methods/Measurement in Secondary Physical Education (4)

    Theory and practice in teaching health education and physical education: lesson planning, curricular development, grading, measurement, and evaluation techniques used in secondary schools. Junior status required. Grades 7–12 observation/teaching hours required. Offered spring semester. Prerequisite: KN159, KN242, EN201 or permission of instructor.