Physics at Aquinas College

Student Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the Physics program will:

  • Develop an understanding of classical physics;
  • Gain an understanding of topics related to modern physics;
  • Be able to read and conceptually understand recent developments in physics


students working at a table with crafts The Physics Department is primarily committed to offering classes that meet the needs of students wishing to pursue careers in engineering, chemistry, applied mathematics, the health sciences and physics education. To assure that our students get an exposure of physics that is competitive at a national level, the department has made it a policy (a) to select texts that are recognized as the best in the disciplines (b) to offer laboratory experiences that are central to the disciplines, and (c) to assign problems that challenge the imagination and skill of the students.

The department, on a secondary level, is committed to offering courses in physical science and astronomy that allow non-science majors to sample the content, history, methodology, and excitement of looking at the natural world. Such courses relate traditional topics to experiences in everyday life.

Physics is a subject that can be appreciated by any person who is motivated to do so. To the extent that the Physics Department can keep pace with educational technology, scientific instrumentation, faculty renewal, and academic resources, the department will succeed in offering exciting and valuable educational experiences for our students.