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Advocacy by AQ Student Brings Awareness of Issues Facing Homeless Students to Campus

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In October, Aquinas student Jessica McCormick created an online petition asking the College to provide on-campus housing during holiday breaks for AQ students who do not have a permanent residence. Aquinas College appreciates and commends Jessica's advocacy for homeless college students, and we believe that this is a problem that small colleges must address. Because we cannot fully resolve this issue on our own, we need to bring others into the conversation to aid us. Aquinas is committed to being an active partner in the greater discourse with other small colleges as well as local and national organizations already engaged in finding solutions. In the interim, the College has offered Jessica free hotel accommodations at a local hotel that includes a kitchenette and free breakfast service for the days that the College is closed. We are committed to making housing arrangements for any of our homeless students who need it this year.

Jessica has asked to add a personal response to the College’s commitment:

“I am very grateful for the progress that has been made on this issue. I look forward to working with the College to secure safe and stable housing for those who are in need over Christmas break. Furthermore, I am eager to work with Aquinas College over the remainder of the academic year to develop a sustainable solution for these students' housing needs over break periods. It has been encouraging to see the willingness of my fellow students as well as the leaders of my school to shift their perception of the issue and more importantly, of the solutions.”