Alumnus Profile: James T. Hogan

By: Brittany Devon ‘15

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In the fall of 2008, James T. (JT) Hogan began his time at Aquinas College. A graduate from Traverse City West High School in Traverse City, Michigan, JT recalls many fond memories of his time as a student at Aquinas College. During JT’s time at Aquinas, he double majored in sport management and business administration with a minor in mathematics.

JT loved the people at Aquinas. The faculty, students, alumni, and support staff all seemed to exude the same positive energy and message during JT’s experience. As a result, this feeling gave JT the confidence he needed to feel supported enough to challenge himself in his academic career.

In August of 2009, JT was elected the Sport Management Clubs’ Public Relations Director. Within one year, JT was elected the Sport Management Club President, a position that supplied him with many leadership opportunities that have now helped him excel in his life today. In his position as president, he was in charge of heading meetings, coordinating workers and fundraising efforts for “AQ Run Thru 5K” as well as overseeing the dodge ball tournaments. All of these tasks that he was in charge of helped JT see what he was capable of.

Dr. Heather Kesselring-Quakenbush was a professor who significantly helped JT throughout his academic career. He admired her tireless efforts to promote the Sport Management Club. She worked to expose the club to networking experiences, as well as bring in guest speakers that made a huge impact in his experience. She was someone who visibly wanted to see all of her students succeed and be the best they could be in the field that they chose. This was a constant motivation for JT. Her efforts for the program have continued to do great things. She is someone who makes JT proud to be a Saint.

“JT set himself apart for other students by being willing step up to both leadership and responsibility,” said Dr. Kesselring-Quakenbush. “In the sport management major, we have number of competent students who are willing to work hard, but are uncomfortable in taking the lead role of club president. JT was not only competent and hard working, but he was also not afraid of leadership or responsibility. He was also the first of our presidents to reach out to the other student clubs to engage in some collaborative events. With his leadership, fearlessness and collaboration skills, it is no surprise that he again set himself apart by becoming the youngest AD in the state of Michigan. I'm very, very proud to be able to say he's one of ours.”

Aquinas taught JT professional courtesy. He learned many lessons during his college experience, and the results helped him shape who he is today. He learned to always support others to be the best that they can be, to show respect regardless of the situation, and above all, always put faith first.

Aquinas impacted JT’s life in many ways. Not only did he meet his future wife at Aquinas (they graduated together and plan to marry in June 2015), but also his major helped directly set him up for his career. In August 2011, JT began an internship at Kingsley High School. Without this required internship for his major, JT would not have been in the right place at the right time to start his career as an athletic director at Kingsley High School. This experience has allowed him to continue to move forward and give him direction in which way he wanted his career to go.

After his graduation in December 2011, JT was hired as the interim athletic director at Kingsley High School, which he started in January 2012. In September 2012, JT was hired as the fulltime athletic director. He worked for Kingsley High School for the next two years. In July 2014, JT was hired as the athletic director for Allendale Public Schools, where he is currently the director of educational athletics.

“Every experience I had at Aquinas, from hosting the AQ Run Thru 5K, to networking events, social gatherings, and challenging classes have played some role in how I am able to manage daily situations in my job today,” JT said. “Having a strong knowledge base of event supervision, specific sports and their rules help me to do my job to the best of my abilities. Because of Aquinas, I can confidently walk into the office every day.”