Psychology at Aquinas College

Counseling Psychology Concentration within the Psychology major

For students who are interested in becoming practicing psychologists or mental health counselors, this program introduces counseling theory and practice including diagnosis and psychological testing. This program provides basic training in skills essential to counseling professionals and excellent preparation for graduate programs in clinical psychology, counseling psychology, or clinical mental health counseling.

In addition to the required courses for the Psychology Major, students who choose the Counseling Psychology Concentration are required to take twelve (12) hours as follows:

  • PG303 (3)
  • PG307 (3)
  • PG309 (3)
  • PG348 (3)
  • Nine (9) semester hours of electives


  • PG303 Psychology of Personality (3) SS1/SS2, WI

    Analysis of various classic and contemporary theories of human personality. Prerequisite: PG100

  • PG307 Human Motivation & Emotion (3) SS1/SS2

    Scientific investigation of basic and learned human needs, drives, and motives. Physiological correlates of motivated behavior. Behavioral and cognitive theories of motivation and emotion. Prerequisite: PG100.

  • PG309 Abnormal Psychology (3) SS1/SS2

    Etiology, diagnosis, and treatment of emotional disorders. Emphasis on anxiety disorders, depression, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. Prerequisite: PG100.

  • PG348 Counseling Psychology (3) SS1/SS2

    Counseling is a profession predicated on centuries of work on the nature of personality, human development, interpersonal relations, mental health issues, and human adjustment. Professional counselors’ work encompasses a wide range of settings, issues, populations, and goals. Thus, this course, while not intended as professional training, presents the theoretical and research bases for various approaches, techniques, and objectives relevant to counseling. Prerequisites: PG100.