Psychology at Aquinas College

Developmental Psychology Minor

Students who are interested in how people grow and change over time may choose the developmental psychology program. This program focusses on human growth and changes across the lifespan, including physical, cognitive, social, intellectual, perceptual, personality and emotional growth.

Minor Requirement:

Twenty-four (24) credit hours. Required courses:

  • PG100
  • PG208
  • PG209
  • PG210
  • PG303
  • Three (3) elective courses
    • At least one elective must be 300-level or above.
    • PG202, PG234, PG309, PG311, PG324, PG348, or PG352 are recommended for the electives.

At least twelve (12) semester hours toward minor must be taken at Aquinas College. A grade of C or better is required for all courses credited toward the minor. Students who minor in Psychology are bound by the requirements published in the catalog at the time the declaration of a minor is approved.


  • PG100 Introductory Psychology (3) SS1/SS2

    Psychology as the science of human behavior and experiences; related areas of human functioning; focus on human research; theory and research methods, biological basis of behavior, human development, cognition, motivation, emotion, sensation, perception, personality and abnormal behavior.

  • PG208 Child & Adolescent Development (3) SS1/SS2

    Introduction to processes of human development from a lifespan perspective; focus on conception through adolescence; basic theories and research related to normal patterns of physical, cognitive, personality and social development. Prerequisite: PG100.

  • PG209 Early & Middle Adult Development (3) SS1/SS2

    Continuation of human development sequence from a lifespan perspective; focus on emerging and young adults through midlife. Theory and research on the tasks and transitions of adulthood, including the impact of factors such as socio-cultural context, gender, identity and self-concept, marriage and family, career, stress, and adjustment. Prerequisite: PG100.

  • PG210 Late Adult Development & Aging (3) SS1/SS2

    Continuation of human development sequence from a lifespan perspective; focus on young adulthood through old age and death. Theories, research, and myths related to stability and change in physical, cognitive, personality, and sociocultural aspects of adulthood. Prerequisite: PG100.

  • PG303 Psychology of Personality (3) SS1/SS2, WI

    Analysis of various classic and contemporary theories of human personality. Prerequisite: PG100

  • PG202/SY202 Research Methods (4) SS1/SS2

    This course is an introduction to the research process: scientific method, basic nature of research, analysis of major research designs used in lab, field, and natural environment; how to write a research proposal, conduct an experiment, write a research report; lecture and lab. Prerequisite: PG100 or SY101 and SY/CN/PG 151 or equivalent. This course is not accepted for the Social Science General Education requirement.

  • PG234 Death and Dying (3) SS1/SS2

    Attitudes and rituals relating to death in different societies; psychological, philosophical, medical, and religious questions that surround the event of death for the dying person and family. Prerequisite: PG100.

  • PG309 Abnormal Psychology (3) SS1/SS2

    Etiology, diagnosis, and treatment of emotional disorders. Emphasis on anxiety disorders, depression, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. Prerequisite: PG100.

  • BY324/PG324 Neuroscience (4)

    Topics include neuron functioning (action potential production including the behavior of receptors, ion channels and neurotransmitters), synaptic transmission, sensory and motor systems, the neurobiological perspective of learning and memory, drugs and the brain, sex and the brain. Both invertebrate and vertebrate systems discussed. Three (3) hours lecture, three (3) hours lab.Prerequisites: minimum grade of C in BY150 or BY171, sophomore status and instructor approval. Offered even-numbered springs. This course is not accepted for the Natural World Biological Science requirement.

  • PG348 Counseling Psychology (3) SS1/SS2

    Counseling is a profession predicated on centuries of work on the nature of personality, human development, interpersonal relations, mental health issues, and human adjustment. Professional counselors’ work encompasses a wide range of settings, issues, populations, and goals. Thus, this course, while not intended as professional training, presents the theoretical and research bases for various approaches, techniques, and objectives relevant to counseling. Prerequisites: PG100.

  • PG352 Psychological Assessment (3) SS1/SS2

    Theoretical and statistical foundations, including tests of intelligence, special abilities, achievement, personality, interests, attitudes and projective techniques (lecture and lab). Prerequisite: PG100 and MS151.