Psychology at Aquinas College

General Psychology Concentration within the Psychology major

For students who are interested in psychology but who are not yet sure where they want to go, this program provides a general overview of psychology. This program provides a broad perspective of the field maintaining the emphasis on research skills while providing students with the opportunity to individualize the focus of their degree program.

In addition to the required courses for the Psychology Major, students who choose the General Psychology concentration are required to choose an additional twenty-one (21) semester hours from the following combinations:

  • Choose two from:
    • PG208
    • PG209
    • PG210
  • Choose one from:
    • PG309
    • PG311
  • Twelve (12) semester hours of electives


  • PG208 Child & Adolescent Development (3) SS1/SS2

    Introduction to processes of human development from a lifespan perspective; focus on conception through adolescence; basic theories and research related to normal patterns of physical, cognitive, personality and social development. Prerequisite: PG100.

  • PG209 Early & Middle Adult Development (3) SS1/SS2

    Continuation of human development sequence from a lifespan perspective; focus on emerging and young adults through midlife. Theory and research on the tasks and transitions of adulthood, including the impact of factors such as socio-cultural context, gender, identity and self-concept, marriage and family, career, stress, and adjustment. Prerequisite: PG100.

  • PG210 Late Adult Development & Aging (3) SS1/SS2

    Continuation of human development sequence from a lifespan perspective; focus on young adulthood through old age and death. Theories, research, and myths related to stability and change in physical, cognitive, personality, and sociocultural aspects of adulthood. Prerequisite: PG100.

  • PG309 Abnormal Psychology (3) SS1/SS2

    Etiology, diagnosis, and treatment of emotional disorders. Emphasis on anxiety disorders, depression, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. Prerequisite: PG100.