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Psychology at Aquinas College

Neuroscience Concentration within the Psychology major

Students interested in the brain and the anatomy, biochemistry, molecular biology, and physiology of neurons and neural circuits may choose this multidisciplinary program. This program provides students with an introduction to the field in preparation for advanced study toward a career in research and teaching.

In addition to the Required Courses for the Psychology major, students who choose to concentrate in Neuroscience are required to take a minimum of twelve (12) semester hours chosen from the following:

  • PG324 (4)
  • PG406 (3)
  • Six (6) semester hours chosen from the following:
    • BY375 (4)
    • PG303 (3)
    • PG307 (3)
    • PG309 (3)
  • Nine (9) semester hours of elective courses of their choice for a total of forty-one (41) semester hours.


  • BY324/PG324 Neuroscience (4)

    Topics include neuron functioning (action potential production including the behavior of receptors, ion channels and neurotransmitters), synaptic transmission, sensory and motor systems, the neurobiological perspective of learning and memory, drugs and the brain, sex and the brain. Both invertebrate and vertebrate systems discussed. Three (3) hours lecture, three (3) hours lab.Prerequisites: minimum grade of C in BY150, BY160, or BY171, sophomore status and instructor approval. Offered even-numbered springs. This course is not accepted for the Natural World Biological Science requirement.

  • PG406 Sensation and Perception (3) SS1/SS2

    A review of sensory and perceptual systems together with a discussion of theories of perception. Emphasis on vision. Lecture and lab. Prerequisites: BY150 and PG202.

  • BY375 Advanced Human Genetics (4)

    This course takes a disease-based approach to the study of human genetics, including disease etiology, pathology, phenotype, and treatment options. A combination of lecture, literature review, and discussion formats will be employed. Diseases that will be discussed range from inborn errors of metabolism and structural protein defects to the chromosomal breakage syndromes. Methodologies that allow investigators to research human genetics will also be discussed. Four (4) hours lecture. Prerequisite: minimum grade of C in BY328. Offered as needed. This course is not accepted for the Natural World Biological Science requirement.

  • PG303 Psychology of Personality (3) SS1/SS2, WI

    Analysis of various classic and contemporary theories of human personality. Prerequisite: PG100

  • PG307 Human Motivation & Emotion (3) SS1/SS2

    Scientific investigation of basic and learned human needs, drives, and motives. Physiological correlates of motivated behavior. Behavioral and cognitive theories of motivation and emotion. Prerequisite: PG100.

  • PG309 Abnormal Psychology I (3) SS1/SS2

    Etiology, diagnosis, and treatment of emotional disorders. Emphasis on anxiety disorders, depression, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. Prerequisite: PG100.