Psychology at Aquinas College

Psychology Major (BS)

There are four program options for students interested in majoring in psychology. At least twenty (20) semester hours toward the major must be taken at Aquinas College. A grade of C or better is required for all courses credited toward the major. Students who major in Psychology are bound by the requirements published in the catalog at the time the declaration of a major is approved.

Major Requirements: Forty-one (41) semester hours

Required Courses:

  • BY150 (4) NL
  • PG100 (3)
  • PG151 (3)
  • PG202 (4)
  • PG203 (2) WI
  • PG305 (3)
  • PG402 (1)
  • PG403 (3) SC
  • Nine (9) hours of elective courses from psychology
  • Minimum twelve (12) semester hours of courses within chosen concentration (see below)

Psychology majors may choose to focus their degree program on General Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Counseling Psychology, or Neuroscience . Students who are uncertain about future educational or career goals may choose the General Psychology Concentration. In addition to their concentration courses, students take an additional nine (9) semester hours of psychology electives


  • BY150 Human Biology (4) NL

    Systems approach to study of basic human anatomy and physiology designed for non-biology majors. Three (3) hours lecture, three (3) hours lab. Not applicable toward the major. Not applicable toward the minor for students having successfully completed BY221 or BY372. Offered every fall and odd-numbered springs.

  • PG100 Introductory Psychology (3) SS1/SS2

    Psychology as the science of human behavior and experiences; related areas of human functioning; focus on human research; theory and research methods, biological basis of behavior, human development, cognition, motivation, emotion, sensation, perception, personality and abnormal behavior.

  • PG151/CN151/SY151 Statistics for Social Sciences

    Students will study descriptive and inferential statistics and how they are both important in analysis of different types of research involving human participants. Emphasis will be on statistical concepts and how they are applied in the Social Sciences. Using SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences), a widely-used software in the Social Sciences, students will learn how to select and utilize appropriate statistical tests to analyze datasets. The overall goals are to increase understanding of the importance of statistics in the scientific method, specifically research design and analysis, and to enhance critical thinking skills.

  • PG202/SY202 Research Methods (4) SS1/SS2

    This course is an introduction to the research process: scientific method, basic nature of research, analysis of major research designs used in lab, field, and natural environment; how to write a research proposal, conduct an experiment, write a research report; lecture and lab. Prerequisite: PG100 or SY101 and SY/CN/PG 151 or equivalent. This course is not accepted for the Social Science General Education requirement.

  • PG203 Thinking and Writing in Psychology (3) SS1/SS2, WI

    Introduction to thinking, writing, and career options in psychology and related fields. Serves as an orientation to the psychology major. Emphasizes academic skills such as critical thinking in the field of psychology, writing in the APA style, effective communication, and making logical arguments. Provides resources and tools effectively to use a psychology degree. Prerequisite: PG100. 

  • PG305 Cognitive Psychology (3) SS1/SS2

    Theory and research investigating phenomena of learning and memory in humans and animals. Behavioral, neurophysiological, and information processing models are reviewed. Lecture and lab. Prerequisite: PG100.

  • PG402 Advanced Research Proposal Seminar (1) SS1/SS2

    Development of a collaborative research project proposal, in preparation for data collection, analysis, and research poster and research manuscript write-up for PG403. Application of content knowledge and research skills to a literature review paper, Institution Review Board Protocol, oral research proposal presentation, and written research proposal. Seminar will include discussions of issues related to research, graduate studies, professional/ethical standards, and careers in psychology and related fields. Prerequisite: PG202; permission of instructor. Should be taken fall of senior year.

  • PG403 Advanced Research Methods (3) SS1/SS2, SC

    Psychology major capstone course in which students conduct a project implementing the research proposal developed in PG402. Application of abilities in scientific design, analysis, interpretation, and reporting. Formal paper and oral presentation required at the conclusion of the project. Prerequisite: PG402; psychology majors. Should be taken spring of senior year.