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Registrar at Aquinas College

Degree Programs




Associate's Degree Requirements

To earn the Associate of Arts degree or Associate of Science degree, students must complete sixty (60) semester hours of work, which include the General Education Plan and proficiency requirements in English and Mathematics (excluding the Writing Intensive and Capstone requirements). At least thirty (30) of the sixty (60) semester hours must be earned at Aquinas College. The associate’s degree holder may continue to work toward a bachelor’s degree. Students must also be in attendance at the College the full-time equivalent of their last semester prior to graduation.

Bachelor's Degree Requirements

To earn a bachelor’s degree students must complete 120 semester hours of work which include:

  • completion of a major* (usually thirty (30) to forty-eight (48) semester hours)
  • fulfillment of the General Education Program (semester hours vary)
  • electives to make up the total 120 semester hours
  • meeting the writing and mathematics proficiency standards and the residency requirement
  • a minimum Aquinas grade point average of 2.000 as well as a minimum overall grade point average of 2.000 44 Academic Programs
  • at least thirty (30) of the 120 semester hours must be earned at Aquinas College. Student must also be in attendance at the College the fulltime equivalent of their last semester prior to graduation, and have completed a minimum of thirty (30) hours of the last sixty (60) hours toward their degree at Aquinas College

Students will note that the Aquinas program of studies is divided into two significant components—an area of concentration or a major, and the General Education requirements. Electives provide the student with the opportunity to expand either component—more specialization through a second major or a minor, or more breadth within the liberal arts courses of the college.

NOTE: The Bachelor of Arts in General Education (B.A.G.E.) does not require the completion of a major. If students elect the B.A.G.E., students must complete a planned program of 120 semester hours which includes courses designated for the General Education Program.