Registrar at Aquinas College

Online Registration

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Traditional Age Students
Traditional students will first want to meet with their advisor to get feedback on their course plan for the next semester. Your advisor will be able to give you information on your programs, course prerequisites, and other information about when courses are offered and in what order students should complete them.

Continuing Education Students
Continuing Education (CE) students can register on-line, in-person, by email, or by phone. CE students may have additional exceptions to take into account when planning which courses to take. The Registrar recommends that you check your degree progress often and meet regularly with your advisor to review your degree plan.

New Students
If you have never been enrolled in any courses at Aquinas College and you are interested in registering for the first time, you will need to register through the Registrar/Academic Advising Center. Please call (616) 632-2871. You will not be able to register your first enrollment with the College online.

Winter Semester
Aquinas College now offers a condensed Winter semester between the Fall and Spring semesters with an entirely online format. Registration for the Winter semester opens on the same day for all students, regardless of class standing. Classes cost $552 per credit hour. Keep in mind that both Winter and Summer semester course costs may not be included in your Financial Aid package.

Online Registration Instructions

  1. Log in to MyAQ and click Self-Service. From the tiled menu on the home page, you can look for classes in a couple of places.
    • Click into the Course Schedule and Catalog tile where you can search for classes and add them to your plan.
    • Click into the Student Planning tile and click “Go to Plan & Schedule.” On the Schedule tab, in the upper right corner, use the search bar that says “Search for courses.”
  2. To add an active section of a course to your schedule to be able to register for the course, click the “View Available Sections” drop down within the course to display all active sections. Choose a section and click the blue “Add Section to Schedule” button. Continue in the same way with the other classes you would like to take.
  3. Return to the Student Planning tile and click “Go to Plan & Schedule.” On the Schedule tab, click forward to the semester for which you would like to register. You should see the classes you chose listed to the left of the weekly schedule calendar. The calendar will also allow you to see if any of the classes you’ve chosen conflict with one another.
  4. Once your schedule is set and you have planned all of the courses you would like to take, click the blue “Register Now” button above the calendar. You can make changes to your schedule after you have registered from the Schedule tab by adding additional classes in the same way. Active courses on the left will display a blue “Drop” button you can click to remove a course from your schedule.

AN ADDITIONAL NOTE: Clicking the “Register” button under each planned class on the left will only register you for that individual class. This will stop you from registering for classes that have required co-requisites, such as classes that have a lab component. For lab classes, you must register for the lecture and the lab section at the same time. To do so, make sure you have both planned, then be sure to use “Register Now” over the calendar and not the individual buttons to the left under each class.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • You will not be able to register if you have any holds on your account. Any holds you have will display as a notification at the top of your Self Service menu in MyAQ Self Service.
  • If you need instructor permission to take a class, you'll need to forward an email of approval from the professor to The registrar’s office will be able to register you for the class.
  • There is a computer located in the Registrar's Office for you to use to register, if you choose. We will be happy to walk you through the online registration process and assist you in any way possible if necessary.
  • You may select your classes prior to the date you are able to register online by planning them for future semesters. When the course schedule is available online for the next semester, you will be able to plan specific sections to save as planned. When registration becomes available to you, you will then be able to click the blue “Register Now” button to register for all of those active sections.

In-Person Registration
Any students that need assistance with registration can stop by the Registrar’s Office/Advising Center in Hruby Hall to register for classes in person. Advisors may be available for appointments to assist with course planning as well.