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Commencement at Aquinas College

Hood Colors and Honor Cords

When ordering your cap, gown and hood, you will need to submit the information on your expected degree and official major based on your application for graduation. Your degree and official major will determine the color of your hood which will be part of your cap and gown order.

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Aquinas College Hood Colors

Your degree and primary major determine the color of your hood, which is part of your cap and gown package. When orderingyour cap, gown, and hood from the Aquinas College Bookstore, Bookstore staff will verify your order against your degree on record with the Registrar’s Office. All graduates will earn one degree from Aquinas, no matter the number of majors.If you are double majoring and are unsure as to which major and corresponding degree is your primary major, please check with the Graduation Auditor. Honor cords can be picked up at GradFest.

Graduation Hood colors

Degree Major Color
Bachelor of Arts All except those listed below White
Bachelor of Arts History & Theology Red
Bachelor of Arts Philosophy Dark Blue
Bacheor of Music & Music Education   Pink
Bachelor of Arts in General Education   White
Bachelor of Fine Arts All Majors Brown
Bachelor of Science All Majors Gold
Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training   Gold
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration   Drab/Tan
Bachelor of Science in International Business   Drab/Tan
Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Business   Drab/Tan
Bachelor of Professional Accountancy   Drab/Tan
Master of Management   Royal Blue
Master in the Art of Teaching   Light Blue
Mater in Education   Light Blue

Honor Cords

Aquinas College awards honor cords to undergraduate students based on their most recent completed full semester cumulative GPA. Quad grades in the spring will not be considered. Honors will be printed in the Commencement Program. Final honors are calculated based on a student’s overall GPA. Final honors are printed on the diploma and official transcript. Graduate students do not qualify for honors.

More information on how to receive your honor cords is coming soon.

  • Cum Laude cords (silver) are for students who have a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or better.
  • Magna Cum Laude cords (maroon) are for students who have a cumulative GPA of 3.7 or better.
  • Summa Cum Laude cords (silver and maroon) are for students who have earned a cumulative GPA of 3.9 or better.

If you believe you qualify for this honor and it does not appear on your approved Application for Degree Candidacy, please check with the Graduation Auditor.

Honor Societies

If you belong to an Aquinas College Honor Society, your membership will be noted in the Commencement Program. Participation in Honor Societies will be verified with the Faculty Advisor. For Honor Society cords, they must be ORDERED THROUGH THE FACULTY ADVISOR for your particular society; there is usually a fee.

Any other questions relating to Aquinas College Hoods and Honors, please see the Graduation Auditor, Shannon Pelton,

Advantage Center Cords

If you participated in an approved Advantage Center activity during your time here at Aquinas, you qualify for an Advantage Center Honor Cord to wear at the Commencement Ceremony. Some examples of Advantage Center activities are internships, practicums, student teaching, study away sessions, and various research experiences.

More information about how to receive an Advantage Center honor cord is coming soon.