Conferencing & Event Services at Aquinas College

Alcohol Policy

If you wish to serve alcoholic beverages at your event the following procedures must be followed:

  1. An Approved 3rd Party Licensed Bartending Service must be hired to provide, deliver, and clean up all alcohol and related materials.  
  2. The approved bartending service must arrive no less than one hour prior to the start of the event and must stay to the duration of the event. The bar must make last call by 11:30 pm; the campus closes at 12:00 midnight.
  3. All alcohol and bar related items must be provided by the bartending service (i.e. glasses, pitchers, napkins, corkscrews, ice, etc.)
  4. ADS requires some form of food service to be provided during the bar service.

For a copy of the Aquinas College Alcohol Use Policy, please refer to the Conferencing Department.

Approved bar services:

D. Schuler’s
Contact: Rebecca Mume
(616) 538-4560

Distinctive Catering
Contact: Nicole Hartman
(616) 538-4384

Martha’s Vineyard
(616) 459-0911