Campus Safety at Aquinas College

Aquinas ID Cards

All students and staff members of Aquinas College are required to carry a current Aquinas photo ID on their person while on campus property or attending College sponsored events. Your ID card is what identifies you as a member of the Aquinas community and must be presented upon the request of any College official. Failure to present your ID card may result in you being asked to leave campus. In addition to a form of identification, your ID card also acts as a key to your residence hall or workspace and allows after-hours access to academic buildings when authorization by a staff or faculty member is received by Campus Safety. Campus Safety may provide admittance into a building for you in the case of a forgotten card, but will not grant remote access, or “buzz,” people into buildings. A form of identification will be required in the case of these admittances.
ID cards are issued at the Campus Safety Office, with the exception of incoming student ID cards which are issued during orientation programs. One of the following forms of state-issued identification must be presented when obtaining an ID card:

  • State ID card
  • Driver's license
  • Military ID
  • Passport

According to federal law, ID cards cannot be issued without one of the previously stated forms of identification. A class schedule or tuition bill may also be required when obtaining an ID for the first time.
If a card is lost or stolen it may be replaced at the Campus Safety Office for $20. Broken or malfunctioning cards should be brought to the Campus Safety Office to be repaired or replaced; a fee of $5 will be charged if it is necessary to issue a replacement card. Expired IDs may be exchanged for an updated card at no charge. All fee are charged to your Aquinas account and may be paid at Student Accounts or the Campus Safety Office. The aforementioned fees apply to students, staff, faculty and guests of Aquinas College.
Guest ID cards are issued by the College on a case-by-case basis. Requests should be made to