Information Technology & Services at Aquinas College

Computer Labs

Computer Lab Locations

Aquinas has one main computer lab and four computer classrooms located on the third floor of the Academic Building. The Grace Hauenstein Library also has two computer labs.  Additional computers are available in areas such as the residence halls and Albertus Hall.
Main Lab Locations
All labs contain Intel Core 2 Duo computers with full multi-media capabilities:

  • The Student Computer Lab located in Academic Building, room 353, contains fifteen computers and access to a PaperCut print kiosk.  Headsets are available for use in the lab. The Student Computer Lab is a Cell-Free Zone and you will be asked to take your calls in the hallway to avoid disturbing other students. 
  • Computer classrooms are located in Academic Building 315, 319, and 322. Classrooms in 319 and 322 contain twenty-four computers, The classroom in 315 contains twenty-six computers. Reservations for these classrooms can be made with the Conferencing Department.
  • Grace Hauenstein Library Lab located in the Jarecki Center contains twenty computers and access to a PaperCut print kiosk along with a computer classroom that contains twenty-six computers and access to a networked laser printer.

Remote Labs

  • The Digital Art Lab, located in Art and Music Center, room 207, contains sixteen Apple computers.  This lab is dedicated to curriculum and is not open for general use.
  • The GIS Lab, located in Albertus Hall, room 247, contains twenty-two computers and access to a networked laser printer. This lab is dedicated to curriculum and is not open for general use.
  • The Piano Lab, located in the Art and Music Center, room 131, has eight computers dedicated to music curriculum and is not open for general use. 
  • There are four computers in Regina Hall and three in St. Joseph's Hall. Printing is available in these labs using PaperCut.

Technology Assistants

The Technology Assistants (not to be confused with instructors, trainers, or tutors) are responsible for maintaining the efficient operation of the student computer labs. Their job is to give general procedural advice, to make sure that the computers and printers are working properly, and to direct students' access into the network.
In order to provide students with the maximum learning experience, the Technology Assistants are not allowed to help students with specific programs.  If a student is having trouble, the Technology Assistants will point them in the direction of help.
For discipline-specific applications, students will be referred to on-line documentation, manuals, and handouts. 
As time permits and to the extent of their knowledge base, Technology Assistants may answer questions related to standard software applications on the network (such as Windows 7, Windows 10, Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Office), except when the learning of these standard software applications is a course requirement.

Additional Information

  • Kiosks computers are located in the Academic Building, Campus Safety, Hruby Hall, Wege Center, and in the Grace Hauenstein Library.  These computers give students quick access to the Internet for checking e-mail and searching the web.
  • TomCat computers are located in the Grace Hauenstein Library.  These computers give students access to the online catalog.  Use the TomCat to search for items the library holds.
  • PaperCut print kiosk - Printing from your personal laptop is available using one of the PaperCut print kiosks at a cost of $.10 per page. You will also be able to make copies, scan to email, and scan to USB flash drive.  Print locations include AB 353 Student Computer lab, AH Atrium, Grace-Hauenstein Library, Regina Hall, and St. Joseph Hall. Please note: The self-service print kiosk will require you to have money on your Aquinas College ID card in order to retrieve your printouts.  To obtain an ID card, please visit Campus Safety. To fund an ID card, please visit the Food Service Office in Wege 202 (Cafeteria Level) or Student Accounts in Hruby Hall.

Network Applications Available to Registered Students

The labs contain PC-based computers in a network environment that allows access to standard applications such as:

  • Windows 7 and Windows 10
  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.)
  • Web Browsers: Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox
  • A broad array of Academic software applications
  • Web-based applications (including Email, Drive, CalendarCourseConnect, and MyAQ)