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Spotlight on Technology

Security in the Information Technology world is rapidly becoming the primary concern of all computer users.

Aquinas ITS maintains the most current and stringent anti-virus environment possible, utilizing industry leading products and implementing updates as soon as they are released. The best of these shields can’t always protect you from your biggest security threat: yourself.


There are things you as the user can do to help protect against viruses, many are quite simple:


If an offer seems too good to be true, it is

Frequently e-mail offers hide viruses, don’t just assume that an offer is legitimate if it shows up in your e-mail inbox. If you see a link in a suspicious e-mail message, don’t click on it unless you are sure it is legitimate. The link may look real, but be careful, the link might contain hidden files that can cause problems with your computer and data.


Know where your files come from

Don’t open anything you don’t trust completely. A virus can do nothing unless you actually run the program that it is attached to. That means that simply downloading a file does not put you in any real danger. If you decide after downloading that you don’t exactly trust the file, avoid opening it or delete it until you can confirm its integrity.


Don’t download attachments from a source you DO know unless you were expecting it.

Many times viruses can mirror a trusted e-mail address without the address owner’s knowledge. This means you can receive an e-mail from a trusted source but the e-mail contents are not trustworthy. If the writing is odd or the attachment looks off, do not click it. Verify with the e-mail sender that they intended to send you the attachment you received.


These simple things can help you protect yourself from computer viruses. But remember, this isn’t just about you, your computer, and your data. These attacks can impact other users, a department, or an entire campus depending on the resources that you access through your computer.

Aquinas ITS has implemented a range of anti-virus measures, but new viruses are being written every day, and the security of our data ultimately depends on the co-operation of all students, faculty and staff.

If you have any concerns or questions on this matter, please feel free to contact the ITS Help Desk at 632-2050.