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Physical Plant at Aquinas College

Phone Service

  • Phones are no longer provided in residence rooms.
  • If a student would like a phone, he/she should come to the physical plant office (AB 57).
  • The student will be charged $20 to his/her student account for the activation fee.
  • The physical plant office will provide a phone free of charge, or the student may use his or her own.
  • Phones need to be returned to AB 57 prior to departure.

Phone Books
Phone books are available for use in AB 57.  Not only is there a Grand Rapids phone book, but also phone books for most of Michigan.
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Instructions for phone mail set up (pdf)
How to use your campus phone (pdf)
Dialing Instructions (pdf)
For phone moves, purchases/upgrades, long distance codes, and phone problems, please fill out this form.
Contact: Shannon Hooper
Phone: (616) 632-2937