Accessibility Services at Aquinas College

Requesting Accommodations

To request accommodations, students need to take the following steps

  1. Contact Accessibility Services at 616.632.2177 or email to make an intake appointment with the Director of Accessibility Services. This intake appointment will last approximately 30-60 minutes.  
  2. Go to the Aquinas College Accessibility Services website and click on the tab labeled Request Accommodations and complete the Accommodation Request Form and download the verifications form that matches your disability area.  Have your appropriate health provider complete the verification forms.  You may then upload the documents as part of the intake form or fax the form to the Accessibility Services Office at (616) 632-4467


3. A second meeting will be scheduled following the receipt and review of all documentation and intake information.  During this meeting you (student) will be notified of eligibility and if eligible, accommodations will be reviewed.  

If eligible, an Official Accommodation Letter from the Accessibility Services Office will be printed and supplied (handed or emailed) to you.  It is your responsibility to share this letter with your professors.  Accommodations are not retroactive, and the accommodation letter must be shared with your professor by you (student) in order to receive them.  If you need assistance in speaking with your professors or sharing your accommodation letter, you may request it from the Accessibility Services Office.

If you are not eligible for accommodations, you will be notified in writing.  If you wish to appeal the decision, you may use the ADA/Section 504 Grievance Procedure.

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