Writing Center at Aquinas College


Aquinas Writing Center Staff & Liaisons

Julie BevinsAQ Writing Center Coordinator—CORE 

Fun Fact: I am fluent in the language of Ubbi Dubbi (look it up!)
Favorite Book/Author: This is too hard! Kristine Lavransdatter by Sigrid Undset is excellent. I am also partial to David, who composed the Psalms. 

Jessica KlineCORE Program Specialist, WC-CORE Liaison

Fun Fact: I am learning Japanese. Stop by my office and check out my daily Kanji!
Favorite Book/Author: Tamora Pierce


Gretchen RumohrEnglish Dept. Chair, Faculty EH265: Writing Center Theory & Practice

Fun Fact: I have four daughters and a 5lb Yorkie, and I live for warmer weather!
Favorite Book/Author/Genre: Young Adult Literature (don't make me choose a favorite author LOL!)


Mies MartinInterim Assistant Library Director, WC Information Literacy Specialist

Fun Fact: I'm a home brewer and honored to participate in 2022's Brews at the Calder Pro-Am
Favorite Book/Author/Genre: I don't have a favorite book, Author or Genre, but I have too many to list. But a few fiction authors I could list Umberto Eco or Dostoyevsky or Kurt Vonnegut. I also love Douglas Adams. The Same for books, I read lots of History, Philosophy, Culture Theory and anything else that helps me to understand the articulation of technology, culture and information, particularly as it applies to academic libraries. It might be easier to list what I'm not interested in than what I am reading at any given point.

Aquinas Writing Center Consultants

Leah Ash

Major: English Writing
Minor: Communications 
Consulting Projects/Specialties: WC Task Force Communications (2021-2022)
Fun Fact: I played softball in Europe this summer! 
Favorite Book/Author/Genre: I love pretty much all kinds of fiction except horror.
Additional Campus Activities: I’m the culture editor for The Saint and I pitch for the AQ varsity softball team

Noah Dennie, Magna Verba Chief Editor

Major: Philosophy
Minors: French and Spanish
Consulting Projects/Specialties: Spanish, Magna Verba editorial team, WC Task Force Administrator (2021-2022)
Fun Fact: I’m left handed
Favorite Book/Author/Genre: Bo Burnham
Additional Campus Activities: Spanish tutor, Insignis, Socratic Engagement Club

Nathan Esch, WC Archivist

Major: Mathematics
Minors: Philosophy & Data Analytics
Consulting Projects/Specialties: Structure/Organization, 
Fun Fact: I get hand-me-downs from my younger brother
Favorite Genre: History
Additional Campus Activities: Baseball, Math Tutor

Anna Fedewa, WC Task Force Administrator

Majors: Secondary Education and English Literature
Consulting Projects/Specialties: Education Courses & Resumes/Cover Letters
Fun Fact: I love Taylor Swift. Ask me about it!
Recommended Book: I Explain a Few Things by Pablo Neruda
Other Campus Activities: Cross Country and Track, Peer Coaching

Steven Figge

Major: Communication 
Minor: English Writing
Consulting Projects/Specialties: Helping to synthesize and organize information (Ex: a research paper, but where the research is already done)
Personal Fun Fact: I've traveled outside the country for video game tournaments!
Favorite Genre: Self-Help/Personal Improvement
Other Campus Activities: Esports team for League of Legends; host of the AQ Diff Podcast

Grace Giroux
Major: Spanish 
Minors: Women’s Studies and Studio Art 
Consulting Projects/Specialties: organization and structure, working through ideas, citations (specifically in MLA and CMOS)
Fun Fact: I play the viola and I love photography.
Favorite Books: The Flavia de Luce series by Alan Bradley or The Color Purple by Alice Walker
Additional Campus Activities: I work as an intern in the Women’s Studies Center and in the Box Office at Circle Theatre. I am also part of the Insignis Program and the Encore! RSO.

Summer Hickok, WC Task Force Communications

Major: English Literature 
Minors: English Writing and Communications
Consulting Projects/Specialties: I love brainstorming! Thinking about the project is an essential part of the writing process.
Fun Fact: Much like Elle Woods, I am a Gemini vegetarian.
Book Recommendation: If you’re looking for a nostalgic, magical read: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L Frank Baum. If you’re looking for a gory, gay read: Exquisite Corpse by Poppy Z Brite.
Campus Activities: I'm a member of the Writer's Guild, Encore, and the Table-Top Games Club. I also am involved in theatre and writing around campus.

Jama Jama

Major: Business Administration and Accounting
Minor: English Writing 
Consulting Projects/Specialties: Jack of all trades, not perfect at anything but we will get it done!
Fun Fact: Tore my achilles playing basketball in Kobe’s
Favorite Book/Author/Genre: Rick Riordan (sorry haven’t actively been reading since middle school)
Additional Campus Activities: member of the Writers Guild; VIBE; a part of the AQ track and field and cross country team. Work for specialty events on campus.

Emily Jones, CORE-WC Intern

Major: English and Secondary Education
Minor: Writing
Consulting Projects/Specialties: Education, professional writing
Fun Fact: My goal is to visit all 63 designated National Parks by the time I'm 50!
Favorite Author: Laurie Halse Anderson
Other Campus Activities: On the women's volleyball and track and field teams, Peer Tutor, athletic study tables, Accessibility Services consultant 

Grace Maguire, WC Task Force EH265/EH315 Liaison

Majors: Business Administration and Communication
Minor: English Writing. 
Consulting Projects/Specialties: Proofreading, Rhetorical Analysis, Citations (APA), Personal Narratives, Brainstorming, and Praxis Proposals
Fun Fact: I have been snowboarding since the age of 6, and skiing since I was 12.
Favorite Genre/Author: Romance and Dystopian Fiction; Favorite author is Sarah Dessen 
Other Campus Activities: AQ Varsity Softball Program, Sustainability Captain

Lianne Martinez, WC Remote & Resources Advisor (R2)

Major: Business Administration
Minor: English Writing and Music
Consulting Projects/Specialties: Brainstorming and organization
Fun Fact: I can crack both of my wrists constantly.
Favorite Genre: Thriller and Mystery 
Additional Campus Activities: College Band

Meridian Pearson, WC Task Force Communications

Majors: English Writing and Communication
Consulting Projects/Specialties: writing circles, creative writing
Fun Fact: I am deeply involved with AQ Theatre and captain of the Mission Improvable improv team!
Recommended Book: The Giver by Lois Lowry, Silver by Chris Wooding.
Campus Activities: Theatre, improv, novel writing, vice president of Encore! RSO, president of the Writers Guild RSO, secretary of AQ Sound RSO, opinion editor for The Saint

Ada Shaw, Magna Verba Chief Editor

Major: Spanish and Sociology
Minor: English Writing
Consulting Projects/Specialties: Writing as a way to learn and think more deeply; Spanish consulting, Magna Verba editorial team, Contemporary Writers Series Liaison
Personal Fun Fact: I have hitch-hiked before (and made it out safely)
Recommended Book: Blue Zones of Happiness
Other Campus Activities: Summer Scholars Sociology Project, Insignis, retired XC/Track runner 
McGee, Doggie Consultant and Woof ‘n’ Words Champion
Majors: Mischief-Making and Snuggles
Minor: Exploration
Consulting Projects/Specialties: Kids Food Basket; Brainstorming; Writer Anxiety Management
Fun Fact: I am a miniature bernedoodle
Favorite Toy: my stuffed llama
Additional Campus Activities: Walking

Odin the Otter, World’s Best Writing Center Mascot

Majors: Encouragement and Comfort
Minor: Adventure
Consulting Projects/Specialties: I like all writers and all writing! I especially like writers who say stuff like “I can’t write!” 
Fun Fact: I was kidnapped in 2021 by a couple of AQ baseball players (but I liked my kidnappers a lot, and we started an Instagram thread together to keep the AQ community informed that I was ok!). I was returned safely…but now I have a real love for AQ Adventures!
Favorite Saying: You Otter Be Writing With Us!
Additional Campus Activities: Everything. I like everything! 

Craig the Turtle, World’s Most Humble Writing Center Mascot

Majors: Persistence and Patience
Minor: Contemplation 
Consulting Projects/Specialties: I am an excellent listener.
Fun Fact: I prefer to stay in Julie’s office. You are welcome to visit me. If you sit in silence, you can hear my quiet wisdom. 
Favorite Author: Shel Silverstein 
Additional Campus Activities: Storytime in Julie’s office. I like to listen.