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Writing Center at Aquinas College


Name: Julie Bevins
Position: Writing Center Coordinator and Student Support Services Advisor
Fun Fact: I am fluent in the language of Ubbi Dubbi (look it up!)
Favorite Author: Ooo! this is too hard! I am partial to David, who composed the Psalms.

Name: Nisha Agha van Laar
Position: Global Student Services/ESL Coordinator
Fun Fact: I have a plant room in my house
Favorite Author: Franz Kafka

Aquinas Writing Center Consultants

Name: Leah Ash

Name: Kimberly Becker

Name: Carley Cruse

Name: Yadira Deleon-Lopez

Name: Noah Dennie
Major: Philosophy
Minors: French and Spanish
Fun Fact: I have been hit by three different cars on three different occasions
Favorite Author: Bo Burnham

Name: Michael Fary
Majors: History/Legal Studies

Dominique Foley Name: Dominique Foley
Major: Secondary Education, Math
Minor: Spanish
Fun Fact: I have an identical twin sister!
Favorite Author: JK Rowling

Name: Jama Jama
Major: Business Administration and Accounting
Minor: Writing

Name: Caroline Jones

Name: Emily Jones
Major: Secondary Ed English

Name: Jayden Jones

Name: Elizabeth Jordan
Major: English with Literature Emphasis
Minor: Business
Fun Fact: I collect wigs

Name: Jackson Moore
Major: English
Minor: History (and maybe economics but haven't declared)
Fun Fact: I play on the men’s soccer team at Aquinas
Favorite Author: Lee Child

Name: Meridian Pearson

Name: Adeline Shaw

Name: Georgia Wiseman
Majors: Secondary Education with a focus in English Literature
Fun Fact: I was in Varsity Choir in Highschool
Favorite Author: Couldn't possibly narrow it down, I have read several amazing books from varying authors:)