Campus Ministry at Aquinas College

Campus Ministry: Staff

Father Stan HeadshotFr. Stan Drongowski, O.P.
Phone: (616) 632-2491
Office: Wege 201
Once upon a time, a LONG time ago, I was born to Grace and Stanley Drongowski. Much to what would become annoying confusion, I was named after my father with my middle name being after my grandfather Anthony. This stuck me with the initials SAD. (Remember that when it comes to naming your children.) Over the next 20 years I would become the eldest of eight children, six of whom were girls, which put a major crunch on bathroom time. All of us went to our local parish school for our elementary education followed by the local public high school. After high school I attended our local university (Kent State) where I began studying studio art and education. After three years I changed my major to English. It was through the English department that I met a Dominican sister who I found to be a brilliant scholar and teacher. My admiration for her was boundless. It was the early 1970s and for a Catholic religious to be teaching in a secular university was nothing short of missionary work. I greatly admired how she was serving God. Somewhere in the dark recesses of my mind I recalled that there was a men’s branch of this outfit so I began meeting with her for conversations about becoming a Dominican. Sr. Diana became my mentor in my vocational discernment process. I went through the admissions process, was accepted, and entered the novitiate in September of 1974. The next six years I spent studying philosophy, theology, and pastoral studies. All of this earned me a Master of Arts in Theology and a Master of Divinity.

As far as pastoral assignments go, I have worked in two regular parishes, a university parish, and a house of prayer. I also served as Novice Master (that’s the religious version of boot camp commander) for five years. To prepare for that ministry I had the opportunity to spend a year in Rome with 26 other Dominicans preparing for formation ministry. And now I find myself at Aquinas College. This is, for me, a perfect assignment for this time of my life. There is nothing about AQ that does not challenge, nourish, and challenge me. In my eight years here I have come to love it all!

Fr. Robert Keller, O.P.
Phone: (616) 632-1031
Office: AH 126
Fr. Bob is Minnesotan by birth, Dominican friar by profession, and southpaw by nature. Pharmacist for two years. Grad studies Sociology of Religion. Campus Ministry at Emory University, University of New Mexico (no passport needed!), Indiana University (Hoosier). Novice Master x 8 years. Newbie here at AQ in 2020. You can find Fr. Bob running (3 times a week), doing puzzles (jigsaw, crossword), golfing (very little), playing guitar (rarely, too), and singing whenever he can. His mentors are the Gospels, Catherine of Siena, Teresa of Avila, NT Wright, and Nature. Praise God.

staff headshotTheresa Marshall
Assistant Director of Campus Ministry/Liturgist
Phone: (616) 632-2492
Office: AB311
Terry has served the Aquinas College community as a member of the Aquinas College Campus Ministry team for 24 years. Terry grew up in Kansas City, Missouri, before taking residence in West Virginia and then Michigan. She is married to Dr. Dennis Marshall, Professor of Theology, at Aquinas. Both of their adult children and four grandchildren live in Grand Rapids. The Dominican Pillars of Prayer, Study, Community and Service are near and dear to her heart. She loves the Catholic Intellectual Tradition in its comprehensive view of the human person, created by God, to live a full human life in communion with the Holy Trinity and with all of God’s Creation. She is grateful to be in a position to accompany and to serve young adults in the life of faith and study at Aquinas College. It is a life full of promise for a future filled with hope. Terry is happy to live into this promise with a community of friends that God provides.

Brother Joseph Van Havermaet, O.P.
Pastoral Intern
Br. Joseph is here at Aquinas College as part of his Pastoral Year of formation. He grew up in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. He graduated from Northern Illinois University with a degree in meteorology. After graduating, he joined the Diocese of Rockford as a seminarian. After leaving the seminary, he worked in youth ministry and religious education. He joined the Dominican Province of St. Albert the Great in 2019. After the Pastoral Year, Br. Joseph will return to St. Louis to finish his initial formation. Feel free to call him Bro Joe.


Student Peer Ministers 2022-2023

Peer Ministry Co-Team Lead: Marie Krueger
Marie is a theology major and an avid Catholic card game player. Her hottest take is that dill pickles and vanilla ice cream is an incredible combo and she would probably fight to the death with anyone that disagrees with her. If her life had a gag reel, it would definitely have when she tripped and fell while trying to walk to class. She loves hammocking (pronounced ham-ocking), theology of the body, and swing dancing. She is so hyped to continue on the amazing adventure of drawing closer to Jesus with our students!

Peer Ministry Co-Team Lead & Small Group Coordinator: Becca-Joy Root
Becca-Joy is from Minnesota and is a double major in theology and philosophy. She is a big fan of brunch, hammocking (pronounced ham-mocking) and walks in the snow. She is known amongst her friends for three things: her pronunciation of hammocking, bringing up Cal Newport, Balthasar, or a podcast in nearly every conversation and her deep love for Caribou Coffee. She is so excited to share Jesus with the students especially through small groups and fellowship!

Mass and Worship Coordinator: Regina Bonifazi
Regina is a mathematics major who loves coffee and regular Oreos (over double-stuffed). She also loves any type of games including board games, card games and video games! One of Regina’s funniest and most embarrassing moments is when she tripped over her gym bag in front of a bunch of upperclassmen, only to have her gym teacher say, "Regina, let me introduce you to who you just embarrassed yourself in front of." Regina is so excited to see everyone at Mass again this year!!

Media Coordinator: Eliza Brown
Eliza is a psychology major who is passionate about the Detroit Tigers actually being a good baseball team. You can find Eliza playing basketball, listening to music, or scheduling out her life on a real calendar. If her life had a gag reel, you would definitely watch her older brother scare her around the house … multiple times. Eliza is so excited to show every student they can get involved no matter who they are!

Retreat Coordinator: Jarrad Epkey
Jarrad is a double major in secondary education and mathematics. He loves golden retrievers and is constantly reminded of God’s loyalty and faith to his people whenever he sees a golden. He also thinks that every single golden retriever has a piece of his soul within it, but we digress. Jarrad loves to write music and stories as well as play any games with people! He is pumped for our gnarly retreats!!

Music Coordinator: Kyle Cameon
Kyle is a mathematics major who you can often find studying and eating Tim Hortons. As you can tell, Kyle loves the trumpet and his hottest take is that trumpet players are the best musicians… he definitely is not biased. Definitely not. Besides playing trumpet and eating tim hortons Kyle loves to watch movies, play sports, and make midnight McDonald runs especially during boys nights with the roommates. Kyle is so excited to help others fan into flame their love for the Lord particularly by spreading the christian catholic atmosphere on campus. 

Student Senate Liaison: Mark Musgrave
Mark Musgrave is acting as the liaison between campus ministry and student senate. Mark helps us get students involved on campus so if you have any questions of how you can get involved in Campus Ministry, he is a great person to reach out to!