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Zach Boensch interned at the "Free Beer and Hot Wings Show." Listen to him on the show here.

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Schedule an appointment via Handshake to discuss your internship search, one of the specific internship away programs, or if you have secured an internship, the registration process: Select Career Center - Appointments - Request an appointment - Internships - Select which appointment you need.

Internship Criteria

At Aquinas, you can choose to do an internship for credit or for certification. 


  • Earn up to a total of 12 credits (divided into multiple semesters or completed all at once) for internship while enrolled as an undergraduate.
  • A 3-credit internship (the minimum) equals 150 hours total or 10 hours/week for 15 weeks. (6 credits = 300 hours or 20 hours/week etc. )
  • Students may earn credits as a required (or elective) part of your major or minor (see College catalog details) or for general elective credits that count towards the 120 needed to graduate. Speak with your Faculty Advisor on the best option for you.
  • Tuition and fees apply. 
  • Internships for credit also require additional coursework and seminars meant to further develop you as a professional. 
  • An on-site visit with the Internship Director, student intern, supervisor/mentor and a faculty member will be coordinated at the mid-point. Many interns state the on-site visit was an incredibly helpful component of the internship experience.
  • To register for an internship, you will need to request a new experience using Handshake. Click here for instructions on how to register your internship. 


  • If the internship is not required for your major or minor and completing it for credit is not desired, you may complete an internship for Certificate. 
  • Allows Aquinas to track where our students intern for reporting purposes and to assist future students. 
  • The internship is not for a grade or credit and will not appear on your transcripts and is not eligible for an honor cord; No tuition or fees apply. 
  • The certificate option requires minimal paperwork, no homework, and no on-site visit.
  • After completion of the internship and final evaluations forms, you will receive a certificate signed by the President, suitable for framing or enclosure in your portfolio. 
  • Does not appear on your official transcript.

>Download Certification Forms

Is it an internship?

All internships for credit must be approved by your advisor, the Internship Director and in some cases a faculty chair. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is it a new learning experience?
  • Could someone else apply for this as a part-time position and not an internship?
  • Are you assigned a mentor who is an expert in his/her field?
  • Is the work done on-site or remotely?

More on the difference between a job and an internship

Requirements for Potential Internship Supervisors

Washington Internship Institute

Open to all majors, Washington Internship Institute offers students a competitive internship placement, rigorous coursework, and the opportunity to work in D.C. Networking is key to working in the Capital and this program is a must if you are planning to relocate after graduation! At this time, only the summer program is available to Aquinas students for credit.

Total cost for the program is $9505 and includes internship placement, 12 credits, fees, and housing. This does not include housing deposit or program deposit. Application fee is waived for Aquinas Students. Fellowships and Scholarships may be available and will be discussed during your meeting with Advantage Center staff. Washington Institute does not qualify for the Summer tuition discount.

Check out the Washington Internship Institute's Website and make an appointment on Handshake for information (select Career Center-Appointments-Internships-Washington Internship Institute).

Chicago Semester

The Chicago Semester is a long running program that places students from many academic backgrounds into exciting internships in the windy city. As a participant, you will also take a course on Diversity & Inequality and learn the ins and outs of Chicago.

Total cost is $5632 and includes housing (up to $1625), 9 credits, internship placement, and fees. Scholarships may be available and will discussed during your meeting with Advantage Center staff. Chicago Semester does not qualify for the Summer tuition discount.

Check out the Chicago Semester's Website and make an appointment on Handshake for information (select Career Center-Appointments-Internships-Chicago Semester).

Disney College Program 

student at Disney

Aquinas College partners with the Disney College Program, meaning that students can earn credit while participating in the Program. Read more and if you have more questions or are ready to commit, schedule an appointment with the Advantage Center.